Weird Boss Spawn in Skittergate

Hello there!
Recently I’ve played some random qp Skittergate and stumbled into a chaos troll almost right after walking through the portal to Norsca. I’ve been playing this game for some solid amount of time and this never happened to me before.
Is this intentional for a boss trigger to be there or is it a new bug?
Here are some console logs if needed:
console-2020-06-21-10.17.32-dbc3af15-21e4-4bc5-9be2-75785b68af2f.log (1.0 МБ)
And screenshots of that event:
Troll approaches party (Silhouette of monster can be seen through fire)

Troll is down (Kruber died, soaked through and miserable)

That is really weird, I’ve never encountered a boss trigger before crossing the wooden bridge. Usually theres one where you activate the Skittergate with the keystaff. Maybe that spawn was bugged?

It could be one of the rare spawns. There are some incredibly rare boss spawn like the one during the finale of Fort Brackenbruchejddj that I encountered like twice in 2000 hours.

Never seen this nor FB either. But at least there is two (i think) ways a loot rat can spawn in, either in the portal (nearly every game, or 50%) or a bit after that waiting for players. Someone said they are usually placed near boss triggers, but I haven’t really paid enough attention, his cute voice overwhelms all my other thinking & attention immediately.

I had it happen not too long ago. A teammate with some insight explained that it was the cave-spawn that got triggered somehow. (just after traversing Skittergate to Norsca)

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