Weekly Event Crash

Tried to play the Weekly Event (the darkness/extra specials/torch variant) a few times and got a series of crashes. One of our clients crashed during one of the levels, and then later on was unable to join and would crash every time while trying to join the in-progress weekly event level (Hunger in the Dark).

In our furthest run in Athel Yenlui, the host crashed after we got to the first ruined temple area with the three buttons.

Report and Log File:
GUID: 53237394-8a6a-47bf-a3e4-d847f7eeb9dd
Log File: console-2019-11-12-00.35.25-ef287b4d-e2db-4aaf-992c-14cb0cf9c86d.log (3.7 MB)
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …tems/ai/ai_group_templates/ai_group_templates_patrol.lua:909: attempt to index local ‘anchor_position’ (a nil value)

I think this is mod-related, but I can’t be sure, so I’ve raised it with development. :slight_smile:

The client that was crashing had no mods, however I don’t have their crash log.

I was hosting and had mods enabled.

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