Patch 1.5 crash on Weekly Event: foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: Unit to freeze didn't have unfrozen extension

I got a crash while I was playing the current weekly event (spawn two enemies when an enemy dies) on Festering Ground legend. I was the host and was playing with bots only.

Crashify didn’t show up. The session console log (attached) mentions the ff. crash error message: “foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: Unit to freeze didn’t have unfrozen extension”.

console-2019-02-18-15.32.14-47FEC46D-2A6B-488D-9FEC-FC60 Crash-Unit to freeze didn’t have unfrozen extension.log (1.9 MB)
crash_dump-2019-02-18-15.32.14-47FEC46D-2A6B-488D-9FEC-FC60.dmp (508.5 KB)

'Tis one of our highest-priority issues. Sorry about this!

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Please do beta’s again for big patches.

I hear you buddy - it’s not my call to make unfortunately but I can certainly pass the message on.

Adding a few more logs for same issue. All have been running the weekly as host.

console-2019-02-18-21.34.02-E73D0927-390D-4879-8889-9FA4.log (497.0 KB)
console-2019-02-18-22.22.25-45180191-DC2A-49F8-BF15-8EAD.log (599.2 KB)
console-2019-02-18-18.52.23-E85B8C35-0C56-4EF2-A062-FC07.log (2.1 MB)
console-2019-02-18-14.50.19-E1DF0B9A-B97E-4AD1-A44B-0772.log (3.8 MB)

I’m not exactly sure what caused the crash in my case. Is this issue only for the current Weekly Event or could this also happen on the regular non-Weekly Event levels?

Is the cause of the crash known? Is there a way to avoid or prevent the crash from happening?

Only the Weekly Event. We pushed out a hotfix about 10 minutes ago - please let me know if you have any problems!

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