Weaves challenges are still bugged

Hi! I recently completed all the mission challenges, so I thought I’d start with weaves. I played three with different characters, I look at the challenges and nothing has changed. Are these weaves still bugged all that long? How should I be motivated to play them when I can’t finish them? Why should I start something that can’t be finished?

Season 1-3 Weave challenges can not be completed.

You can only complete current season 4 challenges and the challenges listed under Weave Expeditions.

Not a bug.

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So this is a bad decision from Fatshark that should be reconsidered and either should be allowed to complete those challenges or they should be deleted.
By leaving something in the game that cannot be accomplished, it discourages people (like me) from continuing to play the game.

It’s not a bad decision. They are seasonal challenges.

My guess is that Fatshark left them in because Weave Seasons might be repeated sometime in the future but no confirmation on that as of yet. Destiny 2 and Diablo both have been known to repeat previous Seasonal challenges.

It shouldn’t discourage anyone. It’s the same type of seasonal content you would find in other games like Destiny 2 or Diablo.

Besides, it should be common sense that you would not be able to complete a Season 1 challenge during Season 4 as that’s the current season we are in.


I’ve never played Destiny 2 and Diablo always on sigleplayer.
Maybe it shouldn’t discourage anyone, but it discourages me. And I think that I am not alone.
If it would be possible to finish something in the future, it should be said. Until it is confirmed, I will not play weaves. And if it takes too long after I finish everything else, I’ll stop playing the game at all.
I don’t want to put my time and money into something I can’t finish. Whether it’s a game or whatever.

It’s seasonal content. There is no requirement to complete them. Each season gets its own set of challenges.

Fatshark announces the start and end of each Season here, on Steam, and Reddit.

Most people play this game for the melee combat and the cooperative experience. You don’t have to complete all of the challenges in order to enjoy the game.

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Yeah, I play the game because it is very good hack and slash action. But as I mentioned before I just do not like things which I can not complete.
Thanks for info and answers anyway. .-)

FS really needs to remove them from the challenges list. No sense having them there when they cannot be completed, or having an option to hide them.
Causes more confusion than its worth.

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But you can always look at all the great challenges you could have done in just 600 Weaves games, if only you’d made it through an incredibly unbalanced and buggy Season 1. Isn’t that worth displaying? Maybe FatShark just leaves it in the game to remind themselves not to lick the colorful mushrooms before working on the challenges, one look at the Goblinz should be warning enough that those things do weird things to your head, but one more hint can’t hurt. :smirk:

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