Swap Weave Expedition S1 challenges with the main tab challenges

Yesterday I was looking at the ingame challenges for weaves, and I couldn’t help but notice that the challenges in the main tab resemble the template for the subsequent seasons’ challenges (beat high level ranked weaves + little more) while the S1’s (currently unavailable) challenges look to be more generic, and furthermore, couldn’t reasonably have been completed in that season (as they require, among other things, to beat 40 weaves with every career). They also could be completed by any player - as they don’t require to beat cata 2-3.
So my suggestion is to swap those lists.
Many players have asked to make S1 challenges available, precisely because there are so many, and I think swapping the list would accomplish that, without robbing us of the seasonal aspect altogether.

I think having all those generalist challenges to do could be an incentive to get new and old players to play weaves a bit more (QP weaves at the least, which are not as problematic as ranked weaves are).

EDIT: I know weaves are probably not FS’s focus at the moment, but the more we get to play VT the better, and it would be an easy modification, definitely less time consuming than the ranked weave shuffle we’re probably going to get anyway. It would be great to have this in the next season.


Definitely yes.
Because in 2019 no one told me that all these slow challenges about 40 games per EVERY career should be done faster as possible, otherwise they will be closed forever. How could I have guessed?

I thought then that Weaves was in test mode, and decided to postpone it until better times, when, for example, bots are added to Ranked Weaves. So I started doing some challenges and couldn’t finish.

P.S. I also want to make the challenge “kill the monster with Azyr’s lightning”. It has a very cute name. :cloud_with_lightning:

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Those wind specific challenges are also part of the S1 tab which per my suggestion should take the place of the main tab (which currently has ranked weaves challenges)

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