Weapons often are low poly and takes a while they return high poly

yeah, some weapons become low poly for a while and return to normal high poly later, despite the graphics being maxed out.

why is it like this?
shield of ogryn, just as an example, but it happens with all weapons

Seen on officer revolver too thought i was crazy.

yea, it’s weird…
not sure why it happens.

I have been constantly having this problem, as well as a few others, and we think it has to do with Mesh Streaming. You can disable it in a config file if you like but you’ll take a performance hit :frowning:
From what I’ve read it seems to be affecting a lot of folks with Ryzen 5xxx series processors for some reason? you can read more about it on this thread here: No reticle when ADS lasrifles - #18 by Kettun

oh, I personally do own a 5xxx series processor cpu

never experienced the no reticle issue but about these weapons not rendering properly in high poly, actually not only weapons, but sometimes even models, and environment models
they return to be high poly only after a while.

i tought it was because optimization that devs did but it seems to be a problem then

thanks for letting me know

I’m getting this same issue but I don’t own a 5xxx series CPU

GPU: RTX 3080
CPU: i9 9900k
Like almost exactly what you have pictured here, except it doesn’t end at it effecting the weapons it also effects mobs (mutants looks like brown and green blobs sometimes lol) and other various environment textures.

Really hope Fatshark fixes this soon because after almost 200 hrs in the game I’d really love to actually see the cool as hell textures.

When they go low poly it has a chance to cause your iron sights to load as a flat needle instead of their proper texture. It makes aiming anything a nightmare