Weapon special attack error

I noticed while playing as an Ogryn (skullbreaker) that when using guns with melee alternate attacks, if you try to use the melee while it is reloading, it cuts the attack early. For instance, while using the kickback MkVI (grenade launcher?) I would use my melee to finish off any stragglers that survived the explosion while I was reloading. However, when it is loaded I can strike a pox walker and it will followthrough to the next poxer. But if I haven’t reloaded it just strikes the poxer and then cuts back to the standard idle animation ( I don’t know what to call that). It is the case in every mission I have played with these types of weapons.

I’m not entirely sure if these have been mentioned, I didn’t see it in the known issues tab. I hope this isn’t intended because it is visually unappealing and feels terrible too.

I appreciate the work you guys do for this, I know you’ve got a mountain of fixes. Hopefully this one is an easy fix.

Thank you for your report, Jester! It seems that this is actually intended behaviour. The idea is that if you’re out of ammo and using the special attack, you probably want to reload as soon as possible.

While the attack cuts away early, it’s not so early that it can’t hit anything - or so is the intention. It’s supposed to be a really quick attack to get something off of you and then back to reloading.

If you still think that’s not how it should be, however, please feel free to make a thread in Gameplay Feedback.