Ogryn Kickback plays firing animation without effect

Issue Description:
Along my latest matches i encountered a bug with the kickback when, while the firing animation plays correctly,the game doesnt register its effects and lets you immediately fire “another” shot afterwards.

the second round after the dud works fine, still confusing when the game shows your weapon firing without effect.

After using the boards search function none of the previous issues seem to exactly match this one.
apologies if i missed it.

Steps to Reproduce:

At the 12:20 marks you see me firing at a gunner on the balcony twice,first said dud, second one a live shell.

Blessings if i remember correctly were full bore paired with run n gun

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Reproduction Rate:
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This happens to me too quite frequently. I figured it was lag.

Might be, though i’m usually between 30-60 when checking my latency via mod. if it shows the data correctly that is. weird part is, so far it’s only the kickback and very rarely so. fps capped at 144fps, which my i7-13700 and 4080 keep up pretty steadily.

thanks for the feedback, gonna keep an eye on it. last 6 or so matches didn’t produce that error, so yeah annoying but luckily rare.

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