Weapon Chest at the beginning of the Game

One of my favorite parts of Vermintide 1 is the Weapons Chest at the beginning of the level. I have done quick play before only to realize that it is a Boss level which usually means Armor penetration is needed. I would like to be able to switch out my weapons to better suit the level.


there have been threads about this before, it’s a debated topic.

my opinion is that i prefer not to have the chest at the start of the level, it delays the group and causes indecision, and basically the party is meant to be ready to deal with whatever threats already, plus lore wise they shouldn’t know what to expect because they don’t know what’s ahead.

quickplay rewards you with chance for better lootbox in exchange for RNG of maps and players, trains you to equip your loadouts and be versatile. if you wanted to tailor weapons to maps, there’s custom games available.

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