The best weapons shouldn't be unlocked right before the end

It makes barely any sense to lock some of the fanciest weapons away until you basically reach the very end of the game. Especially when said weapon isn’t even better than any of the previous ones you could get.

Instead i personally would very much prefer it if we could get any type of weapon at all times and continue to lock higher rarities, better stats and cooler visuals behind higher levels.
Or at least reduce the required level you need to get those weapons, like make them available at level 10 but not level 20 or 30 etc.

Another alternative would be to keep drop chances/shop chances on low levels low, but increase them as you progress to higher levels


Agreed, I’m lvl 30 and love the game but progression takes too long

For new players who don’t know what to expect, many may give up before then. The beginning is rough indeed

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I concur, early game is a slog because no good weapons

I keep giving up and going back to vermintide, i haven’t even reached 30 because the gunplay just feels so bad