Put an equipment chest in the beginning of each level?

Back in vermintide 1 there was a little chest that you could use to swap your weapons out in the beginning of each mission, which might be a useful addition in this game as well. Certain maps are much more doable with armor-piercing weapons (like the ribsplitter & spinemangr fights) but if you enter quickplay with an unprepared team it can be a legit nightmare.


This would be so nice if they make this Chest in the Game at the beginning of every level.

I can’t understand at all, why this feature was in VT1 from the release of the game, but more then 4 month after VT2 launch it is still NYI… Especially with quickplay and such maps as Into the Nest or War Camp, where final encounter need specific weapon to be usefull for your party.

Maybe someday we’ll get it as a Xmas present…

There’s a mod that is awaiting approval that lets you do this.

I know about Adaptation mod, but will it be sanctioned and when is a great question.

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Its been left out for a reason. Fatshark are possibly trying to push people into building characters that can “deal with anything” rather than allowing people to customise their build at the start of each level. For this reason I think the mod will not get sanctioned as it goes against the fact FS have chosen to leave the chest out. If they wanted it in it could be easily done -leaving it out Is a design decision.

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While it would be nice to have something like this, in what situations would you actually use it? Now this may be an obvious question , however the current state of the weapon balance in the game is atrocious. As such everyone in their correct mindset will use weapons which have armour penetration. Because you cannot go without it, and there are but a few select weapons which are viable for play in Legend. If this was a feature, I’d probably never use it regardless. It would have however been nice if the weapons were balanced , and that some weapons would be better on certain maps. This just isn’t the case. You will face heavy armour wherever you go.

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It would be nice for maps with armored bosses.

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