Start of Round Equipment Chest

In the first game, at the very start of the map, there was a box we could swap around our gear at. Any reason we can’t have that now? Kind of cheesy having to use the Quick Play system and potentially getting stuck with a poor-AP weapon on a map like War Camp.


It’s not on line with their quickplay approach. Reward for random map no more weapon select in map.

As of now you also can’t switch hero once you activated the rift. First you could select freely then only via the skull and now you can’t entirely (even dough the host can just [F10] so it’s just annoying).

I’d be curious to know what their ‘quickplay approach’ is supposed to accomplish. I understand preventing map spam (I.E. Horn of Magnus), but not being able to swap your gear seems a bit excessive.


Me too bro

I’d be keen to understand why the game heavily weights skittergate, war camp and into the nest when quick playing. Probably the same broken RNG that’s behind loot boxes and duplicate reds.

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