Weapon Attachments, Stealth and Teamwork

I feel it is something worth mentioning that the Weapons could use some variation, not in the weapon types, but in what can be done with them. I understand that the developers do not want to create a Call of Duty game. I would argue that adding certain weapon attachments would allow for more immersive and enjoyable gameplay. Something else I would like to hit on is stealth mechanics and exploration mechanics.

Firstly, to get ranged weapons out of the way, I would argue that allowing for certain weapon attachments will give way to a better player experience. Many weapons would benefit from being able to swap a flashlight for a bayonet, or vise versa. In the case of the Veteran’s las and auto guns, I feel that many would benefit from the ability to swap between an iron sight and a scope. This would allow for an improvement in ranged combat and allow for players of the Veteran class to feel as though they are actually able to live up to the job of their class.

Secondly, Exploration Mechanics. The maps often feel like really long and bendy hallways that have large walls with two doors that each lead to the same room spaced intermittently between them. There are no areas that allow the team to choose how to get a job done. Offering different ways to get each task done would do wonders for the gameplay experience. Allowing for even just one extra and entirely separate route to the main objective would bring so many more options to players.

Thirdly, there is no sense of a need for teammates. There is nothing that cannot be done by one individual. There are no puzzles of any sort and there are not enough areas that encourage teamwork. There is NO reason for one to stick with their team other than TWO specialty enemies. The only reason to stick together is because if one does not stick with the group, a net gets thrown on them or a dog jumps them and if a player is able to ensure that they do not find themselves taken by either of these two enemies then there is genuinely no reason to stick with the party unless they fall off a ledge. Adding puzzle and making tasks that require two or more individuals to complete something in sync would add a much more team like experience to the game.

Lastly, Stealth and Fear factor. There is not much sense of stealth. The enemies do not tend to scare players away from them, more so offer the sense of “oh this will be tougher now”. The way that maps are structured and the way that the game plays out makes it impossible to take a more stealth like approach. The structure ensures that players will have huge hoards swarming them that result in massive amounts of combat that requires little coordination between party members. Adding the option of stealth could extend the games lifetime indefinitely and allow for much more enjoyable experience for players.