Weapon Animation (switching weapons)

The Plasma Gun has a .5 second draw and I’ve demonstrated this on-video in a previous post.
The Boltgun takes 3x the time to draw.

You can push Ragers in this game, push and shoot lol.
You can’t do that with the Boltgun outright.
Plus the rager in the video wasn’t hitting me :B He was hitting the Ogryn and got misplaced.
I was taking hits from the Poxwalkers.

For the unarmored ones that you can’t usually stagger with a push, you’ll just have to get used to killing them with Melee.

Also charged shots on damnation, 3 shot Crushers.

My favorite thing about these ‘balance’ switch animations was when I switched to a boltgun with an empty clip, but I still got the cocking animation, followed by the reload itself. Wtf was my sharpshooter cocking? :smiley:

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Himself lol.