We need a way to max out the base rating of an existing weapon

It’s very irritating that the only way we can get a weapon with ‘optimal’ base stats is if we find a grey one for sale that is rated 350+… And even then, i assume 400 is the max value? But i’ve never seen a grey weapon rated 400.

We should have some way to spend currency (ordo dockets? plasteel?) to take an existing weapon and max out its base power rating.

Weapons should also display their base power rating separate from the combined power rating (which combines the value of the base rating with the value of the perks and modifiers on the weapon).

As it stands, the weapon system is horribly RNG and hostile to the user. I only recently discovered that my weapons are horribly unoptimal since their base rating is probably extremely low, as the perks and modifiers have obscured what the weapon’s base stats actually are. I basically have to start from scratch and find a grey high rated weapon then upgrade it.


Oh the bliss of thinking max rating is 400.

I’ve seen purple weapons at 502. So I suspect the max is likely 550 or 600 which is not possible to get if you craft it. Well, not unless you like to reforge hundreds of weapons to get that one grey item that may on a fluke roll max rating every time.
That is unattainable currently with crafting. You have to luck out with the weekly currencies and time-limitted acquisitions.

It should, indeed, be possible to increase the rating beyond Master-Crafted tier otherwise what is the damn point of crafting your weapons. Make it cost the same as reforging a weapon to a higher tier, I don’t mind working for my perfect weapons.

Fatshark: “Grind, grind for the currencies!”

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Screw that. It was significantly easier to get red weapons in Vermintide 2 than it is to get a perfect weapon in this game…
Even IF you have a crafting method in-game that allows you to upgrade a weapon to perfection you rely on having to get the materials first and foremost and it takes at least a good 10 or so missions on Heresy+ to get enough materials to increase a purple weapon to orange weapon. If it is the same rate for upgrading the rating after this, then it’s still 10 missions or so per upgrade and if you cap out around 480 which seems to be the most normal cap for crafting a weapon that’s still some 8-15 reforges to hit max item rating.
A normal person that has a working schedule that only affords them the avg. 2hrs of play per day then that’d take them roughly 20 to 38 days to get 1 perfect item out of 5. That’s half a year to get one perfect set of gear.

I find that reasonable.

He’s talking about base rating, which can only be seen on grays. 400 is plausible as the max base rating.

It’s possible the final crafting system will allow us to tinker with base rating.

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Doesn’t matter what base rating is. It is still impossible to hit max rating even if it were 400. There is no current way to max out a weapon, realistically speaking. In anyway or shape.

It won’t change with the final crafting system which is being dripfed to us over the course of December.

You have 5 options:

  • Reforge your weapon to a higher quality with a rating increase.
  • Reroll Traits
  • Reroll Blessings
  • Extract Blessings
  • Upgrade Blessings

We already had access to the full scope of reforging (not that it actually rerolled anything like it said it did). I guess that’s a whoopsie (again).

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I think that is wrong.

If there is a maximum value for base rating, then you simply need to get a grey weapon with that max value.

Upgrade it all the way to gold and you will have a weapon with max rating, since the rating increases you get from weapon traits and perks seem to be fixed.

The trick is to start with a grey weapon with a maximum base value, which seems difficult since it’s dependent on RNG.

Yeah, it may take a bit, but then they also get a lot more exciting.
The bonus stats on items and weapons are +20%, +15% and +8% depending on what it is it seems.
Not only are they more meaningful, but we can have TWO traits on weapons now. And 4 bonusses on curios.

Gearing up in Vermintide 2 was VERY boring. You’d pick that one specific trait everybody used and then you’d either go for one of the baseline breakpoints for Horde or Special Clear + Crit or Attack Speed, whichever. It was outright soulless. Everyone running the same trinket traits, the same modifiers. Ugh.

Here it seems you will have more variety and less of the “you must pick THIS ONE THING” going on. I already like it and I haven’t even seen a +500 weapon.

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I hesitate to agree they’re more meaningful. a giddy 20% more damage is nothing if it means you can kill something in 4 shots instead of 5…but they already die to 2. We shall see of course, my understanding is you can go “oo, I’ll keep that bonus for later!” if you see something, so finding a gun with the right bonuses is less of an issue.
Assuming I’m right, that can easily be fouled up though, so as I said before: we shall see.

I want leave this here so people know that yes Whites actually do go that high. so optimal of this gun in crafting is
380+160=540 Rating.

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Also base rating doesn’t matter is a silly statement. Yes it does, its literally the base stats of a weapon. You literally stated the damage on my weapon doesn’t matter lol. Also you can hit max rating technically if you have a 400 gray weapon and assuming 400 is the highest gray that exist. If 400 isnt the highest gray, then we use whatever is the highest gray for example. Then we reforge it to yellow,m which is currently the highest rarity. Reforging max is 160 as that is the sum of the two highest rating traits and blessings. Rerolling traits and blessing and traits would probably just reroll rating to whatever the new blessing/trait is. The fact we’re missing the final crafting system doesn’t mean technically somebody cannot get the currently most optimal weapon.

Of course this is MEGA min max and most people don’t really need to do it. I’m just arguing because the statement you said technically is wrong.


Ignoring the base rating for a moment. Has anyone played around with the upgrade system enough to clarify if subsequent rating increases are tied to their respective properties / traits percentages? For clarification: Increased crit chance: 5% provides a higher rating increase than 2%?

It seems the Rating increase is just the Rating from the trait / perk itself, no changes to stats. Considering we can refine weapons later, my personal speculation is you’ll be able to adjust the stat bars and stats by increasing some at the cost of others, but who knows.

What a lucky drop. The Emperor blessed you early.

Rating is fixed at 10 to 25 it’s not 10 to 40.
I don’t know where you get this 160 from, but it’s not from actual in-game crafting window.

That means your highest is 100 and lowest is 40. That is still a far cry from a perfect weapon even if it were a 400 rating weapon EVEN if it was a 450 rating weapon.

Do you see why base rating in relation to crafting is pointless even if it is maxed out? We do not get to increase base stats outside of consecrating

What we get to do is
Refine: Reroll perks
Earn Blessing: Extract Blessings.
Combine Blessings: Upgrade Blessings
Re-Bless: Add an extracted/upgraded blessing

There is not going to be any rerolling of sliders in its current form unless they deign to make it so. Down the line. We’re not even getting all of this tomorrow… We’re getting it dripfed to us over December because why on Gods gracious Earth would we launch with the complete feature. Oh I know. It is not ready yet.

At the heart of this is: I want to play the game. Not an RNG slot machine shop or crafting system. It is everything people hated in Vermintide.

I want to be able to improve my weapons by playing the game and ensure that I end up with weapons that I want.

This is why you start with a grey weapon which has the highest possible base stat. From there, you can add traits and perks and end up with a very highly rated weapon.

The entire point of this thread is that it’s currently very hard to start with a grey weapon that has the highest possible base stat. In VT2 it was easy, in this game it’s entirely RNG-dependent on the shop.

At level 30 the shop should sell weapons at the highest rating, OR we should be able to craft them, OR we should be able to spend currency to maximize the current weapon’s base values to the max value. If it’s not possible then it makes the entire weapon craft system really miserable to interact with.


There is so much wrong information in this thread it’s kind of silly.

We don’t have solid proof of the maximum base rating for weapons yet, but it’s theorized to be 400. Currently, the bars cap out at 80% of the maximum value, and with each of the 5 bars representing a total of 100 points, that cap would be 400. You can also pixel count the bars - each one is 150 pixels long - and calculate the base rating, which also lines up with the bars being a direct representation of the weapon’s rating. Red weapons may change this in the future, but this is what we know with what we have right now.

Perks and Blessings both have tiers. Most have 4 tiers, but some only have 1 or 2. Perks add a rating bonus of 10/15/20/25 based on the tier, and Blessings add 25/35/45/55 based on the tier. This is why a Master-Crafted weapon with tier 4 perks and blessings can be as much as 160 rating points above it’s actual base rating, with 25+25+55+55=160 points added to the rating score. While this isn’t usually the case, it is possible.

With that information in mind (and this Steam guide to reference for perk and blessing tiers if you don’t know off the top of your head), you can work backwards to find out the rating of the weapon very easily.

While it is easier to see the true rating of a grey weapon than say, a blue, the rolls don’t seem to be particularly better one way or the other in the shop. Just comes down to how lucky your are, and (we assume) the highest-ranked gear in your inventory.

Back to the topic of the thread, I agree, it would be nice to have a way to add more to the base rating of a weapon. Camping the shop at the top of every hour gets old very quickly, and you almost never get what you need.

The ratings for upgrades aren’t even the actual cap. People have consecrated their items and have received scores above what it says the range is, so there is something on the back end that we’re unaware of that can push an item even further.

Don’t call ppl out posting “wrong information” then peddle theorycraft as fact. You just regurgitated this reddit post:


You can also pixel count the bars - each one is 150 pixels long -

this is worthless without a resolution. the UI scales.

Two things:

a) I wasn’t calling you out on anything, and

b) I was one of the people who discussed with the OP of that thread on how the rating system worked and how to work out the base rating and such on the Discord.

Resolution is a reasonable request, yes. 1920x1080 screen, the bars are 150 pixels long. I don’t have another screen so I can’t tell you what it would be on a higher resolution, but the multiplier is whatever is has to be to have it out of 100.

Umm. No its not 100 it isnt just 25*4. There are traits and then there are Properties and they aren’t same # rating wise. Just try upgrade a green to blue and you’ll notice the upgrade can be well over 25.

Anyway if you want to know where 160 comes from its 10-25(gray to green, blue to purple crafting wise) from the properties (like the 4% elite damage) so 25 is the max. You get two of those so thats 50 at "optimal. Then we have blessing, which is 25-55 (green to blue, purple to orange/yellow in crafting) thats 110 at optimal 55*2, so 110+50 = 160. It isnt 100