Watched the trailer again and saw bayonet on one of them



Ranged weapons appear to have attachments.
2 Lasguns with different attachments were spotted during the trailer
e.g Barrel length, sight/scope, bayonets, muzzle breaks/suppressors?, flashlights, paint jobs etc

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Yeah I spotted it too. There will be a lot of options it seems.

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Looks promising - it is 40k so you’d hope they give as much love to ranged weapons as they did melee in VT2.

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Good Eye, did not notice the Bayonet!! :ok_hand:
This is where the Special Attack Button shines again, like in V2 (Rapier and Pistol)?!
Since how do you wanna do it other than that. On the IMPS you need aiming and shooting button. On Ogryn you only need shooting button and a Melee Button where the aiming is, since they love to bash with the Weapons. Also shown in Gameplay already!!! :muscle:
Okay if you think about it, you could make it so you sacrifice the Aiming for the slash and or stab on bayonet. You are only able to shoot from the hip then. But i guees its not gonna happen and its the Special Attack Button

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