WarHammer V2 Quick Play crash

I’m having a problem joining a quick play session, I get this game crash after 2 mins of joining…

I saw a familiar post about the same problem and it has been solved by re-installing the drivers, but I assure you that my drivers are not the issue here because I re-install it lately.
I play a lot of games on PC and this is the only 1 that crashes. when I played the game 4 the first time there was no problem at all that means something popped up and idk what is it.

Help me :frowning: !!!

Please provide us with a crash report, which will allow us to look in to this.

To do this, after the crash occurs, a window should be displayed prompting you to enter what you were doing prior to the crash occurring. Once submitted, another window containing a long ‘GUID’ string and an option to ‘Copy to Clipboard’ should be displayed.

Please click the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and paste it in here. Thank you in advance.

Retarting the game after a crash usually crashes again quickly, restarting machine sometimes buys a little more time.

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