Game crash whenever I join others' game (e.g. quick join, mission with friends), but solo mission is working fine

As described in the title, my game crashes every time I join others’ games. I’ve tried quick join/play with random players and missions with my friends. But my game crashed at the loading screen before we start the mission. I’ve also tried reinstalling my gpu driver and easy anti cheat service as suggested in one of the posts on this forum, but it’s still not working. So it’d be great if tech support personnels can help me identify what leads to these crashes and get it fix soon so that I can play with my friends during quarantine.

Crash report :
GUID: 5d1eda1c-e952-442a-a8a0-04e9e097a462
Log File:
Info Type:

Thank you.

Unfortunately, your GPU - the Intel® HD Graphics Family - is substantially below the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2. This is likely to result in an unstable experience.

In this situation, the support we can offer is limited and can only recommend submitting a refund request via the Steam client.

Are you using a controller? because if you do, then you might have the exact same problems as me. I found a workaround (still waiting for an answer here on the forum for a complete fix):
when the game crashes, try to unplug the controller and if the game then continues (which it does for me) you can plug it back in and play.

This does work in my case, where the crashes occur in any lobby of other players that I join (not my own, only others lobbies) and the game first starts to freeze for a few seconds and then crashes. This usually happens after being around 1 minute in the lobby.

This was my post: Game started crashing

anyways, if you use a controller try it out and tell me if it works.

Unfortunately I’m a PC player. I kind of knew these crashes were probably due to my crappy GPU, but I just find it weird because game works fine when I play alone with NPCs. So I was just posting this to make sure it’s the issue of my PC.

Thanks for sharing your situation and solution anyway :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thank you so much for your help.

just wanted to say, I play on a PC too. I just use a controller. But from your answer I can tell you play with keyboard and mouse, so my solution won’t affect you unfortunately.

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