Game started crashing

Played the game witout problems for 35 hours. Then it started crashing when I am in the lobby. Once I joined a game it appears to work.

Have Nvida Geforce 1050Ti and an Intel i7 7700HQ- Laptop from Acer.

I added some of the logs and crash dumps since the first crash. first crash was on 2.april at 16.47.

This was the last crash:

GUID: 7520ecd7-c183-4fb6-acdb-67308a5af36d
Log File:
Info Type:

crash_dump-2020-04-02-22.36.14-277461ac-95c6-42ca-a67a-e7dff220eb6d.dmp (576.7 KB) crash_dump-2020-04-02-22.45.44-95e619a8-3e93-4e11-8e26-671dcc1440e1.dmp (549.4 KB) crash_dump-2020-04-02-22.58.43-1f2c8e34-0a11-4a6e-a4e6-973c0811c611.dmp (565.0 KB) crash_dump-2020-04-03-15.21.12-b3c7f9dd-9f75-4364-87b2-31555d62b25c.dmp (611.6 KB) crash_dump-2020-04-03-15.42.57-3d293238-6e9c-4920-9e50-aabbe7fc1fe5.dmp (596.2 KB) console-2020-04-02-12.57.03-b168e851-766b-4af8-a8a0-cfc00d6c179a.log (593.3 KB) console-2020-04-02-22.58.43-1f2c8e34-0a11-4a6e-a4e6-973c0811c611.log (471.7 KB) console-2020-04-02-23.06.04-d57c44d1-596b-47f3-95dc-af0ec0d4d07d.log (1.4 MB) console-2020-04-03-15.21.12-b3c7f9dd-9f75-4364-87b2-31555d62b25c.log (158.3 KB) console-2020-04-03-15.42.57-3d293238-6e9c-4920-9e50-aabbe7fc1fe5.log (168.1 KB)

Sorry about your crashes - I can’t identify the cause myself, so I’ve raised your post with our developers and hope to have an update for you next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Also, the benchmark test is running perfectly smooth at 60fps (vsync on, so capped to 60fps anyways)

Also the crashes aren’t crashing instantly to the desktop, but I am freezing for like 10secs and then it crashes to the desktop and displays the usual vemintide 2- crash message.

I just wanted to add everything I already checked (and what also didn’t help unfortunately). First off I want to emphasize, that the game worked fine since I bought it 1 and a half weeks ago.
One day my game crashed in the ending score screen of my game and this appears to have been the starting point for my crashes.

  1. It appears I am only crashing when I am in the online lobby (keep) of another player. In my own Lobby everything is fine.

  2. I tend to crash after max. 1 minute

  3. Once I am playing a mission/map the game doesnt crash. I can play and finish them. This works for games hosted by other players, that I joined too. (Exception was the first crash mentioned above, which ocurred right at the end of a mission)

  4. I checked my system files through the RestoreHealth and then scannow commands following your guide on the FAQ for technical problems.

  5. I did a complete reinstallation of my graphics drivers, even using DDU to fully remove the drivers and then install it anew. I also tried different versions of my graphics drivers

  6. I checked for updated for all of my system components

  7. I did monitor my GPU and CPU (temperature, usage, loads, etc.) using GPUz and Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility and didn’t find any problems whatsoever

  8. I did RAM Checks using Windows own diagnostics tool, as well as the MemTest Diagnostic Tool. The results turned out well.

  9. I verified Vermintide 2 in Steam for missing/corrupted data files.

  10. I tried turining off and on mods

  11. I tried using directx11 (which I used since buying the game) and directx12

  12. I did a complete reinstallation of Vermintide 2, also deleting the files in the AppData/Roaming directory

  13. No other Game appears to crash

  14. In some cases after the crash, Steam is bugged as well and I can’t click anything in steam anymore. Have to close steam by the task manager and restart it

  15. After crashing in the online lobby, once I rejoin I appear at the same spot I crashed before. Usually If you join a lobby you appear at the big entry door of the keep. But if I crash while standing at the forge for example, then I rejoin the same lobby, then I appear at the exact spot I crashed, which is really strange

  16. Also tried joining different online lobbies

All of the above didn’t help and my Game crashed in every single test I made after trying out solutions. Again it only crashes in an online lobby of another player.

Thanks for helping me and I hope you can find a solution!

So I seem to have found a workaround for my crash: I play with a controller (Speedlink XEOX Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad). I noticed, that when the lobby starts to crash (freezes), and I then pull the controller -usb-receiver out, the game continues to work again and the freeze stops and the game doesn’t crash. I can now even plug the controller back in and keep playing without crashes.

I have then tried playing using no controller and using an original XBOX-PC-Controller (also wireless) and the game didn’t crash in these cases.

Now I have used the XEOX-Controller for 4 years already and never had any problems and I also used it for Vermintide 2 since I bought it 2weeks ago.
Is this a problem of my controller? Or is it different symptoms being somehow randomly solved by my method?

If it is my controllers fault, is there anything you can do/ tell me to try? What is the cause in this case?
I tried reinstalling its drivers already, which didn’t help.

If it is not my controllers fault, could you find out the cause + solution?

We’re releasing a small update to our anti-cheat service (Easy Anti-Cheat) at 11am CEST to address an issue. Now I can’t be sure, but it may help you.

Could you let me know, after that time, if the crashes persist (with the controller hooked up)?

So I don’t want to give it a final stance, but the problem indeed seems to be fixed :o
Gonna try to test it extensively tomorrow. Thanks for the head up though!

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