Game crashes when someone connects to lobby

Game crashes when someone joins the lobby im in.

GUID: 6985ed33-7162-40a8-8039-09a6f81b9614
Log File:
Info Type:

Hi @Rbl,

You’re encountering a Deadlock crash which can be tricky to troubleshoot.

To start, I recommend running through our general crash solutions here:

I tried all the steps and the game worked for a while.
After about an hour the game started crashing again.
This is the last bug report I got. After that I didn’t get any reports after crashing

GUID: dd3bd10d-317c-4dda-aace-0b1c34c3bc47
Log File:
Info Type:

Unfortunately you’re still running into a similar Deadlock crash :frowning:

I can see you’re still using DX 11. When switching DirectX versions, did you find DX 12 to be any more stable at all?

As you’ve tried all of the usual solutions I’m happy to contact Steam and request a refund for you. I appreciate it’s not ideal, but let me know if this is something you’d wish to do.

I tried playing with DX12 and the game still crashed.

I would not like a refund since I can still play with my friend if I join their lobby and if we play private.

Are there any other fixes I could try?
Would reinstalling the game have any chance of fixing the issue?

Ah gotcha :frowning: No problem - if you do change your mind let me know.

You can try a fresh re-install - just in case!

I can’t see any mods enabled from your logs, but if you are using any mods, please try disabling them.

You mention the crash occurring when another player joins your lobby… It’s a shot i the dark, but if you’re using a VPN, perhaps try disabling this also.

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