Game Crash when in multiplayer

Hi, my game seem to be fine when I play alone but when i join “quick play” it sometimes crashes immediately after joining lobby and sometimes randomly while in a map.

This is the last crash report :

GUID: 8095687b-aa08-48c7-9042-e93a9765c6fb
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-07-06-19.46.30-1a83e031-334b-4ea9-843b-d34594bdcb8f.log (365.7 KB)

Hi @brownie,

Your logs show you’re encountering a GPU-related crash. I can see your drivers are a little behind, so I recommend starting by updating these. You can find how to do this, along with other potential solutions here:

I updated drivers and it still crashed. I now changed from DX11 to DX12 and I managed to join and play two games without the game crashing. Seems like I experience a lil bit of frame drop while on DX12 at the beginning of the game which I immediately noticed compared to DX11.

Glad to hear that DX 12 appears to be more stable for you :slight_smile:

As for the frame drops, it may be worth trying a few things here to see if there’s any improvement:

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