CTD When joining a multiplayer game

Started when the Engineer patch was released. I can play a single player game but when I select Quick Play, Or join a game directly through the server browser, it crashes to desktop. Game is currently unplayable, guess I won’t be buying that DLC after all…

Never had this happen before. No mods. Console log attached.
console-2020-11-21-19.13.10-fcac55ef-3876-418b-b11e-2efa8469e314.log (249.8 KB)

Sorry to hear this, I’ve added this to our database for investigation.

I tried verifying files, and a complete reinstall, still cannot join a game

please add the crashify link you get when it’s crashing, since I can’t see that cause of the crash without it.

I can only see were you crash but not the cause of the crash atm.

if not crashify link is provided, you can manually upload

C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Roaming\fatshark\Vermintide 2\crash_dumps\crash_dump-2020-11-21-19.13.10-fcac55ef-3876-418b-b11e-2efa8469e314.dmp

Hi, thanks for your response, here’s the last 2 crash dumps, caused by the same issue:
crash_dump-2020-11-25-01.03.43-90fc3dab-3e99-47db-a68f-03cf9b77c8d2.dmp (566.4 KB)
crash_dump-2020-11-23-23.27.07-35d6f7ba-cf29-4690-bb52-b44457eb237d.dmp (538.8 KB)

thank you.

Hopefully we can patch this crash soon!

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