Warhammer 40,000 - Darktide - Death Korps of Krieg Cosmetic Bundle DLC

Death Korps of Krieg Cosmetic Bundle DLC - New Background, Headgears, Weapon Skins, Outfits & Tattoos

New Background

Homeworld → (Krieg)

Childhood → (Trench Warfare)

Growing Up → (Lowly Survivor) or (Joining the Death Korps)

Defining Moment → (Leaving Krieg)

Death Korps of Krieg → (Male & Female)

Death Korps of Krieg Headgear
Death Korps of Krieg Weapon Skin
Death Korps of Krieg Upper Body Outfit
Death Korps of Krieg Lower Body Outfit
Death Korps of Krieg Facial & Body Tattoo


I’m wondering, is this data mined stuff or are you posting ideas?

I am really going to need DKoK cosmetics, for sure. Especially for the Ogryn. Have you seen DK bullgryns??? ~sploosh~

the backgrounds can offer more for example,

Childhood: cleaner for dead soldier uniforms, factory worker, cannon barrol cleaner[think even more dangerous chimney sweeper], ammo handler.

growing up: hard to tell since supposedly DKOK join the army at early ages, but they do allot of training on the surface at this time.

Defining moment: culled the weak [DK training often pits recruits against those who couldn’t make it in training, which cna include freinds or siblings], lost behind enamy lines, failed to die, devine intervention [akin to surviving a direct morter strike unharmed.] another could be the grim fate: fear of death, which would cuase one so indoctronated allot of mental issues.

With how dour the DKOK are I’d imagine if a voice pack DID happen, it would be a character of few words or inputs. perhaps a grim sense of humor.

As for what DKOK are doing here?
Simple, an entire regiment of kreig wiped out on the frontier worlds campaigns and the handful of survivors, unhappy they didn’t get to die gloriously along with their comrades, volunteered to help the inquisitor.

personally I’d love a new helbore veriant, like the lucious pattern no.98, fewer shots, high damage, and overheat. No charge up.
I understand the choice for the charge up lasguns, but after recent tinkers to the plasma gun i think overheat is in an alright spot and it would be a nice addition to the game in the future.

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That’s an impressive necro. This topic and the posts are from 1 week into pre-release.

is that a bad thing?

Yes ?

And tbh, DKoK as a cosmetic set (Like how the Armageddon thingy will happen

But for the rest, why ?

i would like DKoK but a Praetorian, Mordianskins would also be nice to be fitted in.

when they add in a strom-trooper (Grenadier/Tempestus scion/ Kasrkin/Catachan devils ) they need to add in uniform and skins to match. also speaking of that if your character comes from Cadia (or new cadia) and picks the classes they should change the class title to Kasrkin instead of strom-trooper(Grenadier/Tempestus scion ). as that would actually be a nice touch to the character engagement and emersion.