Vulnerability when getting freed

Being vulnerable when getting revived or saved from disabling enemies feels unfair, as this likely happens during a horde and even after being freed, enemies can still hit you for a second or two regardless if you’re holding block. This just happened when I got revived, I was holding block and was revived with 10 hp left only to die immediately after because we were still surrounded. It’s like getting punished even harder for someone successfully reviving you. The disablers are worse yet because the vulnerability window is much larger. I don’t need a ‘git gud’ argument, I just think a window of invulnerability until you have control of your character again would fix the bs unavoidable damage and frustration that comes with it.


to me it’s part of the game, people gotta know when’s a good time to revive, not when a chaos warrior is about to layeth the smack down on you while reviving. it does make sense that you are vulnerable when getting on your feet tho


The window of vulnerability when getting revived is small but it’s there, I don’t expect players to calculate the time a chaos warrior strike is about to land relative to when a revive is going to finish. It could be safe, it could be deadly, you don’t really have control, but if you don’t try, that player is dead anyway. This was a thing in l4d and no one complained about it, I don’t see why it can’t be present in this game. If there’s some mantra that people that come from l4d aren’t really warhammer or vermintide fans/players, then I really don’t wanna be a part of this community. Not assuming you think that, but I’ve read elsewhere negative connotations regarding l4d. I just wanted to bring up the similarity because it’s the same genre of game.

wot? don’t know where that came from lol. i didn’t bring up l4d at all. i played a bit of it but never really was a fan of zombie games.

my point is that the window of vulnerability is debatable to be an actual combat mechanic. to you, it feels unfair as the player doesn’t have control and cannot defend himself when he’s getting up. to me, it feels proper because a person that’s getting on his feet needs to be protected by the team. the team already made a mistake by letting someone go down, (or the individual), i don’t see why they have to get invulnerable frames to recover from that mistake. also, if you’re in the situation where a chaos warrior or mauler will kill the person either way, it’s already too late.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to say your opinion is bad, i’m just saying there are two sides to this issue (vulnerable vs invulerable when recovering) and fatshark can decide which one they wanna go with, if they even revisit this issue.


You didn’t bring it up, I did, because I chose to make a comparison to it. I don’t know the general mindset of the community, I thought that mindset might exist from certain things I read like whether people think versus in this game would be a good idea or not, again, related to l4d, and I didn’t wanna be clumped together in that population. Most people were pretty adamant about versus in vermintide would be a bad idea and how it would bring a toxic community to vermintide and I don’t necessarily think that’s true because I made a lot of friends on that game. But back to the point: a small window of invulerabilty does not save you or revert a mistake, you likely have to keep yourself alive through the horde or until you get some health, what it does accomplish is preventing unavoidable damage. Being killed while not having any control over the situation should not be a mechanic, surviving should be based on player skill, expecting a player to never get downed is nonsense, so a revive mechanic should do it’s role better. When I see this happen I think to myself “wtf were you doing? afk?” when in reality it’s either they had no control and instantly died or they weren’t blocking

hmm, just sharing my thoughts.

compare this scenario with the chaos leech. if players make the mistake of getting caught by one, they lose control of their character, vulnerable to hits from enemies, and they have to rely on their teammates to free them. it’s a similar concept to me.

You should be vulnerable while disabled, otherwise hookrats would be useless because they deal such low damage, but when freed from these enemies, you’re stuck in a recovery animation where you are vulnerable and defenseless. Even when a hookrat is killed immediately, their victim might still get incapacitated from enemies hitting them when they’re defenseless. Even when you kill a hookrat or another disabler that gets you, say with a ranged weapon, you’re still left vulnerable even though, you shouldn’t have been hit in the first place and get punished for successfully defending yourself. How is it even possible for an assassin to jump you and instantly get killed by your arrow if your arrow was between you and the assassin? it would hit the assassin before the assassin gets you. All these things punish you for succeeding at something. Also to note, the leech doesn’t leave you in a defenseless state when, so why is that the case when it’s not for the rest of the disablers?

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balanced by the leech’s ability to just appear in the middle of your party, as opposed to the poor packrat needing to traverse a 100 miles with loud jangling noises i suppose.

anyhow, good points.

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leeches are rather easy to deal with imo, they try to retreat at any sign of damage, only not see this work one time. I tend to struggle with them more often with melee based classes, when they teleport far enough away that I can’t melee them before getting leeched but close enough that I try anyway, and dodging at such close range fails. hookrats are quite resilient to stagger and try to grab even when injured so it punishes bad positioning even more such as when you try dodging one direction but there was an obstacle or a rat in the way, and typically hookrats are only effective when they spawn close enough that you don’t have enough time to react to their sound, or you just plain don’t hear them. Basically same thing with the assassin, you might not even hear the stinger sound or the assassin at all before he jumps you, which could have been from across the map if he felt like it.

I’m not sure I draw a distinction between the moments after I’m freed/revived and the moments where I’m still hooked/leached/down.

My two real complaints are the teleport after being freed from a hook rat, when you free someone who should be clear of a mob only to see them TP back into it… that’s frustraiting, and the idiotic players who revive you while the ogre is pounding on your downed body…

Other than those two things I’m OK with the mechanics around this. (and one of my issues is not a mechanics thing by a player thing.)

I played with a person once who complained about this same mechanic in chat. Was that you, OP maybe?

Anyway, I tend to agree that a decision on when to revive a teammate is an important one from the tactical standpoint, so this mechanic is indeed part of the gameplay and makes sense.

The only gripe I have with it is when you shoot a leaping assassin from the midst of a horde feeling like a boss just to find out that the server lag of 40ms instead of 5ms arranges the events in such a fashion that you are being pounced on first and than the assassin magically dies on top of you. And ofc the horde instantly kills you for that. That might sound far-fetched, but it actually happens quite often because an assassin has the most predictable trajectory of movement when he pounces (especially opposed to its jerky laggy stupid circular moves that they seem to lock into all too often now)


Idk maybe, my steam name is similar to this username. I also think going for a revive is tactical decision, but enemy ai is not always predictable, a rat ogre may be pounding the life out of you but they can change targets in an instant sometimes. Enemies have a variety of attacks of different speeds, being able to decide if your teammate is going to get hit when they get up is not very reasonable in the thick of battle, so you may think this makes sense but the same reasoning could be used in the opposite way. This isn’t even a huge change if implemented, sometimes being revived you have a chance to block before an attack comes your way, the vulnerability window for getting freed from hookrats and assassins is bigger and will have a bigger impact so you will likely take damage from nearby enemies. Not to mention the undeserved pounce damage you can receive when shooting an assassin out of the air but still getting pounced and cleared instantly by yourself.

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