VT2 Crashing PC to a black screen shortly after playing

I just purchased a new AMD Vega 56 and Vermintide 2 is crashing the entire PC with a black screen after a few mins after simply standing in the base. I managed to get through one game, then it crashed afterwards so far.

Every other game, benchmark works 100% no issue - the issue is only related to VT2. This only started once I got the new AMD card, I had a GTX 1060 before and didn’t have this particular issue(but had other crashes).

There has to be some setting or something I can do to make this work. I’m using DX11 and it seems to crash on any graphics preset Low-Extreme.

Any ideas on a fix? Because right now this particular game is unplayable for me.

Please see: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360038965013--PC-PC-crashing-losing-responsiveness-or-Blue-Screening-BSOD-

I have I guess the same problem, the pc is rebooting by itself each time I launch the game. The solution that worked for me was to put back Vsync on.

I tried to monitor my GPU temp but nothing seemed weird. Still if Vsync on fixed it for me, it’s probably linked to FPS somehow…

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