(Voting Poll) Would You rather see New Heroes, Enemies, Weapons or New Maps, New Social area and Illusions

I know this will take time to develop but what would you rather see in the upcoming new Updates & DLC’s

Would you rather see,

  • New Hero
  • New Enemies
  • New Weapons
  • New Maps
  • New Social Area
  • New Illusions/Outfits

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A poll is easier, no?


Yo thx for the Poll

  1. New Hero(es)
  2. New Armor Cosmetics:
    -Match helmet colors to armor colors
    -Brand new armor cosmetics that replace red (Champion) black+gold (Legendary) and DLC recolored skins
  3. Reworked unused/underused talents and weapon traits.

How I would have this game prioritized.


New Hero
New Maps
New Weapons
New Enemies
New Outfits

I don’t really care about a new social area.


That’s what I’m trying to tell the Devs , man Completely Brand NEW Clothing (Armor) not New Colors
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Here we go again. This time I am surprised that everything is on one topic and not split up into several smaller ones :confused:
Seriously, do you think that devs are stupid and they don’t know what ppl want to see in game? Do you think they don’t know WFRP/B lore? How in that case did they create this game? Imagine that, feedback does not work in this way to create dozens of topics, with one sentence, under the title on the forum “brand new skin”,“brand new hero” etc.
Do you want to see what real feedback looks like? Check this thread for example:

That you will shout loudly does not mean that your demands will be fulfilled. Whats wrong with u dude?

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You’re repeating yourself. Think of something new.

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LOL. Because your’s posts are not any feedabck. It’s just only demands, that’s all. And if they are not filled out, as you would like, they result in “wise” posts like this.

You’re boring pal. Like I said before, think about something new, because you repeating yourself with your one sentence answers or the same meme all the time

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