Voting Poll - New Heroes, New Enemies, New Weapons, New Maps, New Social Area, New Illusions/Outfits

Would You rather see,

  • New Heroes
  • New Enemies
  • New Weapons
  • New Maps
  • New Social Area
  • New Illusions/Outfits

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To explain my vote. I voted for new enemies as I’d like to see more enemy diversity and potentially new factions. That said, if new enemies or factions are introduced, I would like to have some maps come with them. I would also like to see a new hero at some point, though I want the hero to be done right and thus I’m happy to wait until whenever FS deems it right to introduce a new hero.


Yea that makes sense, Enemies I was thinking 'bout Khorne Karanak or Skeleton Hordes

My vote is for new enemies, because these will come with new maps and give us fresh air to the game.

The new heroes are also necessary I’m sure, approximately 1 every year.

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New Maps (locations) where the enemies are located in warhammer universe would be necessary to fit them into the game, so new Maps are a Must

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