My feedback to make this game have a long life span

So, This game is amazing first of, I love it but it’s getting to the point where i want something new, something more exciting, Like the introduction of hats and okris challenges was a good start but i mean actual game changing updates, Also before i get into detail, I do think you should also be able to unlock different costumes for characters as well as the hats to make it more exciting and give a more unique look to players.

Now to the actual feedback on the game, Im going to go through these quick but i know for a fact that these will keep people playing and this is also no suprise but it’s always good to go over them still.

New weapons:

So, This is sort of obvious but i do really think that just adding new weapons would make this game so much more fun, Like instead of just the classic weapons which players have used so much, why not try and add such a variety to where people feel like they want to try new weapons that might have benefits of other weapons and negatives from other weapons. Like for saltzpyre, you have the hatchet and the flail for instance, Why not have a new sort of weapon which is a mix of the both. If this is too much, you could always just change the way some weapons feel because i see myself just ignoring some of the weapons.

Maybe you could add a gatling gun for use, just like bardin has his flamethrower but it’s does more damage but has ammo and maybe a overheat, This is a bit far out but you never know, It would be fun at least.

New maps:

This is also quite obvious, It get’s boring killing the same enemies in the same map over and over.

New enemies:

So this is a bit more controversial as the rest but you never know it could be more exciting like just having brand new enemies or maybe just a reskin of some enemies to get the new feeling. For the most part, I would like to see the introduction of new bosses, Like their is enough right now and they are fun to fight for the most part but i think it will be more fun to have a larger variety you know.

So for the most part, The current difficulties are pretty fair and are always fun but the main problem im seeing with the legend difficulty is that, if you have a good team, Their is a very rare chance of actually failing unless you have a oh god moment. This could also be done by maybe increasing boss spawns and newer difficulties and just more enemies or just the strength of more enemies.

Heroes(This is the obvious one)

So, Everyone will probably agree with me on this, this game could have so much replayability if it just had more heroes to choose from with their own unique fighting style and classes, Maybe even their own dialogue but even if that is too much work, You could always add more classes to the original 5 characters, Like right now, you have heroes classes that cover most of the basics but why not have even more variety. Like something dumb but it just a suggestion, Why not just have a class who can use a gatling gun, Just like bardin has a flamethrower, I know i already mentioned this earlier.


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I have not read everything (im going to sleep soon) but if the DLC’s work the same way that they did in the first:
New weapons: Each DLC
New map: Each DLC
New difficulty: Some DLC (?)
New heroes: Never.

I’ll just add this (in all friendly manner just my opinion), I don’t WANT new heroes. Those 5 where there on the first, they have great backstories, they can still be developped [Sienna and the barron + Forgiveness of Saltzpyre] [the search of Karak Zorn] [the mystery of Kerillian] etc etc. And its likely there wont be new heroes. [if the dlc are in the same shape than in the first]

And new enemies they did not do that in the first but it would be awsome

For more difficulty check out mods on the workshop. There’s some amazing ones already: Perfect Dark, Mythical Vanguard are two that will prove more than challenging enough.

I’m all for new difficulties but the percentage of the playerbase that will find Legend “too easy” is really small. I like keeping the official realm more everyone-friendly and having mods for people that really want to crank it up a notch.

I do sort of agree that the current heroes are enough and the game doesn’t need more adding but that’s why i put on just new classes, That is good enough for me and i actually never played the dlc on the first one, so thanks for letting me know what to expect

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No problem, its normal. What i love about knowing the kind of DLC’s they did (and assuming it will be the same) is guessing what kind of weapon will be added. But i must admit that seeing new enemies would be nice. as for class well i was wondering if there was no way to alter the exiting ones… like new “talent tree” but this is even deeper in the speculation.

Iirc, the devs have stated in one stream or another that if there will be new weapons, they’ll be separate from the regular DLCs, as they wish to make it easier for everyone to get the new weapons. New careers are something they wish to add, but completely new characters are a lot more work and as such much less likely. If there was a complete character added, I suspect that would be a separate thing from the map DLCs too.

I think another official difficulty is still possible, even if the mods are there for that really (and I remember seeing some comments about the devs being willing to cooperate with modders to give modded difficulties suitable loot rewards to get them approved). New enemies are something I hope are coming, but I really don’t know how likely it is.

  1. New content regulary (okri is awesome)
  2. New maps
  3. New heroes ( kislev ice mage, warrior priest)
  4. New weapons
  5. New enemies (undead, orks etc)
  6. People love long term investments in online games, thats why World of warcraft is so sucessful, so instead to relase vermintide 3 in future, improve current vermintide 2. People
    not love concept when you relase V3 and they lose all their hard grinded stuff.
  7. Enemy encyclopedia
    For example… Kill 100 rats to reveal basic lore, 500 to reveal anatomy and weakspots, 1000 for advaced lore, 10 000 for full lore
  8. Always keep the game hard and challanging, easy game = short fun, not worth long term playing

Lots of maps is the key to replayability for me. I love all the maps, each one is a great unique experience. But I get tired of some of them. Crossing my fingers for several more.

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Tons of new stuff with all the sanctioned mods… oh what’s that, they added a mod system and sanctioned nothing. Oh well…

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Gotta get that xbox release out.

But don’t you worry, no level designers are working on-

…oh wait. :slight_smile:

I’m always a bit puzzled by the fact that people don’t want more characters; I agree they shouldn’t be flooded, and if they are added they’d need to be the whole package . . . but I think they’d add a correspondingly large amount of new gameplay experience. Every weapon would be new on them, so you’d have to learn all of the details of how they play. New voice lines - yes a lot of work, but everyone loves them, so isn’t it worth the effort?

I feel like 1, maybe 2 would be more than enough, but . . . Yeah. I’d love to see them.

The one thing I’m NOT worried about are more maps; I certainly would love to have more soon, but when the modding really gets going, we’ll have maps from now until the end of time . . .

If I remember correctly, one of the things the Devs were excited about when they moved to V2 was that the engine/game allowed them to add new characters and models a lot easier. I can’t remember where I read that…

I still think it’s gonna be Genevieve Dieudonné that they’re gonna add. She’s talked about in game by Franz Lohner and she’s the Heroine of the Empire. She saved the life of the Emperor and is the only Vampire allowed in the Empire. During the end times, the last voice she said was, “My time in this world is coming to an end, just as yours is, and I think I would rather meet it in my homeland.”. So I’m guessing we can assume she’s heading back towards Bretonnia, which is where she is from. Which would put the Reikland between her and her home as she was in Sylvania.

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The problem is they can’t even balance the ones that already exist with plenty of talents that don’t work or are so useless it’s just an illusion of choice.

The hats and Okri’s challenges could be far more incentivising features if Fatshark Sanction the More Hats mod or officially allow certain hats to be equipable by other characters

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