Vote Kick Disabled

yeah im a very bad person ! :grin:
Seriously talking i think the host, in a public game is player like the others, and should be possible to kick it out without restarting the game from the beginning. If someone wanna play with personal rules must play in private, no?

Giving this a tad more thought - it would make sense for certain changes to the kick-vote system as to curb actual abuse without ever disabling it at any point as that by itself leads to different abuse, namely:

  1. Past a certain point, especially after killing a boss on a boss level, even if kicked on the way to the portal full experience and loot should be awarded to the one that was kicked.
  2. Joining a game, no matter in what fashion, AFTER said point, i.e. the boss has been defeated and the party is on the way to the portal, should NOT award the one that just joined ANY loot or other benefits as to effectively eliminate any and all motivation for people to kick so a friend can join and rip the benefits of somebody else’s work
  3. People that were kicked from a lobby should NOT be able to rejoin it for the duration of the mission no matter in what fashion - quickplay, steam profile, lobby browser, etc.
  4. In the best case scenario a blacklist should be implemented - would save a lot of grief. I don’t want particular people from ever joining my games again and most certainly do not want to join theirs. Saves time, saves bad feelings, etc. Plenty of games allow for players to put others on ignore, etc.
  5. Lobby filters. If I don’t want players below a certain level or hero power level to join my games and simply kick those that do that anyway it would, again, save time and bad feelings. If somebody wants to allow lv5 to join their Champion games - good for them, I’m not one of those people.

Anyway, my X cents.


Very good points. Just to mention - Fatshark should learn from the developers of Deep Rock Galactic how to implement a kick system. Almost everything you mentioned is already present in their game, and they just started to make it!