Voicelines with Friends

I enjoy the characterization in the various voice packs. But there is one thing that drives me a little nuts; surprise and low familiarity voicelines for my friends. To give an example.

Male Agitator Zealot to Ogryn on Killstreak

Male Professional Veteran to Psyker on Revive
“Don’t touch me psyker.”

Now i play plenty of games with randoms and i have absolutely no objection to my space bigot being a space bigot. Its proper for the setting. What bothers me is when i’ve played like 300 hours or whatever with the same ogryn and my zealot looks at this tried and true companion, a warrior with whom he has slain untold heretics, and goes:


like 1-800-cmon-now.

Here’s my proposal:

IF a given player character has played 5+ hours with the same character in their party
THEN swap in voicelines for revives and killstreaks that illustrate their familairity with oneanother.



Illustrate maybe? :smiley:

Probably. Ya know i swear there’s a word that sounds like aliterate or uh-liter-ate or something like that that means basically the same thing as illustrate but in a more wordy way. Maybe i’m more crazy than i suspected.

It didn’t mean what i thought it meant. But at least I found it.

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Just more voicelines in general imo. Would love for a better connection between the characters, other than just disdain/hate. Obviously that’s an important part, but a little warming up would be nice. Best example I can think of is Victor and Kerillian, they dislike each other probably the most out of the U 5 and make it clear to everyone that is the case, but still can acknowledge each other’s skills and (occasionally) have more lighthearted moments. But I guess this is all just the problem of having customizable characters with multiple different VAs.

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developing-wise it would be a nightmare to code, though! Gives me headache to think about it x)

… But hey, it’s their job! better get to it, varlets!

Wouldn’t be hard at all. I mean they already have a huge pile of metrics that track whether or not you killed seven scab ragers sequentially on the third sunday of february in order to give you a penenance for some prison shoes. Checking if a given player and me have shared a party for 5+ hours should be easy.

Maybe you were trying to combine reiterate & illustrate?