Option to change our voice

Would anyone else like this?

I’ve found a couple of voices for characters, in particular the psyker, which I’d prefer. They’ve got some funny voicelines. I know the barbershop let’s us change our appearance, but it would be nice if we could change the voicelines as well.


I second this.

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Yeah it’d be a nice way to experience the character personalities. I like my choices but maybe my Ogryn mellows out some weeks and actually wants to protect instead of smash runts.

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I im tired of being the loner. I want my BELUVED too.


it would imply its fun and causes less grind. i dont think its gonna happen. @brosgw please record new lock type to your family

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I would definitely like this. The second I heard another Zealot screaming “Blood for the Emperor, Skulls for the Golden Throne!!!” I knew right then I had picked the wrong voice. To quote someone, when I first heard the voice in the character creation, she sounded like abit of a gremlin but sheesh, hearing her lines and delivery now, they are perfect for me lol!

My biggest regret on my Zealot is that I stuck it out, in the slim hope that when the character editor was released we could change the voice too, instead of recreating then. Now, restarting all over again would just be more and more painful.


The “character creator” memorial board. Along with the mission memorial board. Should just create a top ten list of all common complaints. Just like shirtless.

I don’t know, you sure you don’t want to just delete your character and start off with no resources at level 1 to change your voice? I mean, it sounds reasonable.


They have already agreed that they want to do that, but that it’s not a priority


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