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I have a little problem with the visual feedback in the game. I usually like to play on the middleground between best performance (fps) and graphics. My problem is that if i want to have an somewhat immersive experience with blood splattering around , im at a mayor disadvantage in reading enemy attack animations.

Blood splatters will simply cover some of the very subtle attack animations, making it hard or impossible to read incoming attacks. Turning blood off simply looks dull and breaks the immersion of being out there on a brutal warhammer battlefield.

I fiddled around with my settings to find a middleground here but nothing really worked out. It seems there is only 2 options. Either good gameplay or good graphics/immersion. I usually record my gameplay to do V2 gameplay montages and so im going with the graphics in order to get decent looking material for my videos …

So , what solutions do i suggest for this problem ? First idea coming to mind is that enemys who are starting an attack animation will not/ or just partially get covered by blood splatters. Second idea would be to improve the overall readability of attack animations with more expansive (dunno if that is the right word) movements.

Its just a little frustrating for me having to chose between good gameplay or good immersion/graphics. I wish i could have both … what do you guys think ?

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I have blood turned on and max graphics settings. For anyone who plays like me (and I bet there’s a lot), we train to fight without looking or reading, we feel it. It’s like looking dead center at a scene IRL and being able to peripherally detect the smallest details and movement that isn’t directly centered on my FOV. If you know what I mean?

Also, if your screen is persistently covered in blood, it means you are not dodging a lot or enough. Push (push attack if cleaving weapon) > LLR > Dodge > repeat with fast weapons, push (push attack if cleaving weapon) > L > R > dodge > repeat with 2h hand weapons. That’s a general combo dancers will use.

The only times my vision is obscured with blood is if I’m camping a specific spot where I know I won’t face melee retaliation. So cliff camping, corner camping, doorway camping.


Yeah i know what you mean since im a “blood on” player myself but the combat rythm sadly does not apply to any situation in game.

It just seems like a huge difference when you can watch your own gameplay in slow motion after you recorded it. I still wish that there would be some kind of middleground , seeing that sneakrat flying towards me instead of having it pop through a mid air blood splatter by suprise.

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