Bleeding visual effect is bad

Seriously, it looks like it’s straight from 40’s cartoons. At first I tried to get used to it, but it breaks immersion for me (ogryn, bleed stacks all the way). My suggestion on how to change it - droplets should be a lot smaller at first place. Second - they now looks like splashing from the center of enemy and flying in all directions. Maybe make it ran off from enemy’s head and upper body, and slow it down, so it won’t look like water splashes? And maybe change droplets form, now they’re too spiky, low poly, you know what I mean.
Please let me know if you acknowledged my request even if you don’t plan to change it anyway.


The game’s overall visuals leave much to be desired. Raytracing on gives real nice lights but axes your FPS to unplayable levels (<40 FPS), with its off there’re pixellated godrays.
IMHO it looks too much as V2, which was released too many years ago.

I can sort of understand the bleed critique but not this:

The game’s overall visuals leave much to be desired

Did we take a wrong turn into crazy town?! This is seriously one of the best art directed games out there. The visuals are absolutely incredible!

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