Minor Visual / audio enhancement

The new gen of consoles is here and you will probably wanna sell them this game (you have to), well you could just package it as it is and ship it OR you could add some minor visual enhancements that could improve the already stunning visuals.

Armor gore - so all these games coming out where you fight a horde of whatever always focus on body destruction, and that is nice, but its kinda obvious and everyone is doing it, what nobody does is armor damage, the game sounds sugests metal is breaking/caving in but theres no visual confirmation of such, how about some tiny work on armored units for this sort of thing to show up?

Gunshot hit - all you currently get is a splash of blood, wich is nice, but you could add armor breaking points and even smoke coming out of the hole, also blood vapour.

Hero damage/dirt - so sometimes you play a match where you get dragged through fire, mud, water and puke, you get hit on every angle and almost die lots of time, how about adding visual confirmation that a hero is alive for longer than others? like if you could tell who that hero fought and how bad was the damage sustained just by looking at them.
Foot knight kruber for example most of the times go through a lot and at the end of the game that taal cape looking clean and undamaged, his armor shining, that should be a visual reward for players that do not get hurt.

Audio enhancement - whenever you kill a chaos warrior, he does his death animation and when he falls to the floor you hear that heavy armor clunk, very satisfying, HOWEVER whenever you kill other armored enemies specially on tall places, they fall and it sounds like … nothing.
Even worse when they fall in water or bounce on the rocks, no sound.
add sound to it.

Ratty ragdoll - they look like rubber chickens, i don’t know if this is solvable or this is the dreamzone since not just vermintide feature the current gen rubber chicken curse, but try making it look more realist, perhaps less floaty?

More enemy model variants, yep i am aware theres a lot of them, but add more.

Vegetation - theres a lot of trees and bushes in this game, but whenever you bounce on them or something explode near them, they don’t react, as if this was stuck in playstation 2 era, make the scenario react to what is happening, not necessarily destructible, just move it a little as if its reacting to whats happening around it.

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