Visual effects for auras and warcries

This post is a suggestion to add visual effects to some passive and active skills. With the release of Winds of Magic we already have similar visual effects, so why not add visual effects to the skills of our heroes? I will give some examples:

1º Defensive auras: like the auras of Foot Knight and Handmaiden.

2º Regeneration Auras: like Waystalker amaranthe.

3º Warcries: like Mercenary, Witch Hunter Captain and Ironbreaker.

These visual effects can help you know the range of abilities, help to see allies in danger during hordes and also give a cosmetic efect to the game. I don´t want an exaggerated effect but a visual support to know what skills my ally uses quickly and the real range.

I am afraid of too many effects which hurt us. Currently more or less any effect you can see is harmful to us means we try to get out of them.

With more positive effects which may also overlap with the harmful ones or hinder us at seeing clearly the enemies…I guess I don’t want these.

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I Think having to much shiny stuff around the Players would not really help

Sure its easyer to get in healing or def Aura like this but i Think theres more then enough going on on the screen right now.
And i dont know if this stuff really fits in to the setting.
Maby if it would be more decent and/or with the Option to Turn it off on youre screen at least.


I feel I am much of the same opinion as Toast and Ricordis: the auras would clutter the screen with unnecessary effects. @Toastklotzi mentions toggle-able effects, I’m totally cool with this sort of update if this is the case.

Moreover, all of the aura-effects presented are being viewed from a top-down perspective; in first person there would be a struggle to find a way to display distance properly without already knowing where it is. For the active abilities, there are already indicators that the ability has triggered in the form of loud battlecries and sudden changes in your surroundings. A taunt from an Ironbreaker is obvious (enemies get mass-staggered), the shouts of the Witch-Hunter Captain and the Mercenary are apparent (enemies get mass-staggered), and all of the projectile abilities are visible (laser beams of doom flying around the room).

If you are saying you want the indicators on the ground, I’m afraid that is as inconvenient to look for while head-shotting enemies in a horde as it is to look at your status bar.

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Let me make a suggestion: They could add those visuals for auras, but in order to see them you either need to hold a specific key or you need to manually turn them on from the options screen. So by default that effect should be turned off.

I understand the need of having thing like this in the game and it could be practical in certain situations. But overall, I think that it would hurt the game’s established visual atmosphere.


I’ve been thinking and the solution may be something like that, add a bar of X% visibility for auras and effects within the game options. For example at 25% the aura would be visible but much more transparent than 100%, so you have the option to see the auras or effects, to see them with less intensity or simply not see them setting the value to 0%


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