Visual bug when opening many chests consecutively

When you open many chests (I only used commendation chests) consecutively, in the screen where you can look at all of your chests, the camera will gradually start looking up. This is very noticeable after about 50 chests. The bug goes away when you close the “Spoils of War” menu.

Steps to reproduce:
Edit: Only use the space bar for opening the chests

  1. Have over 300 commendation chests
  2. Open over 50 of them consecutively
  3. You can no longer see your chest models on the pedestal or the pedestal

Edit: After opening over 200 commendation chests, I discovered this bug only happens if you use the space bar to open the chests.

Yeah you kinda skip the “looking back down” animation if you spam space.
I don’t know if it’s mod related though, I believe opening the 3 loots of a chest at once with space was implemented as QoL change recently but since I’ve always used the mod I don’t know how different the behaviour is.
The looking up is a mod behaviour for sure, I don’t know if it’s the case is base game too.

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