Viktor / Non-Bounty Hunter

Hey folks - any recommendations available weapon-wise or traitwise for playing Viktor in legendary, NOT as a bounty hunter? I really like the flail, but it just seems a little bit underpowered compared to the falchion… It’s also a little wonky to use with the two shield-ignoring attacks being 3 and 4 in the main combo, and 2 and 3 following up from a push-attack…

Is Witch Hunter Captain worth using now with +crit chance?

Zealot with falchion(Swift slaying) is grossly OP right now in legend, assuming you can dodge dance around hordes. You kill everything so fast, extremely tank and get so much white health back. You can also take out some ranged specials here and there with the BoP or crossbow.

I would dare say falchion on zealot is the melee equivalent of beam staff pyro.

Here is a pic from a bot solo (legend, 1tome 1 grim) game with bots I had just this morning.

Duo (legend, 3tome 2 grim) with a pyro friend this morning.

My first love was the Rapier, and I still use it in legendary.

It really all depends on your play style, but it’s excellent for headshots and I like it with both Zealot and WHC. The Alt-Fire is also great for staggering enemies and keeping at range. You can stagger faster if you fire it, then double swap weapons, and fire again. This effectively doubles the firing speed. And while most standard chaos dudes take a couple sword swings, the alt fire will OKO them at close range.

For Leg rolls on the weapon, I like Speed or %damage on block for Zealot, and Speed or better yet 2% recharge on crits. You can recharge most of your F before it’s finished with AS and spamming it. Also note that the Rapier only takes a HALF shield to shove with, so it might be worth taking the 50% increased shove strength on attacking enemies to really knock em back. Not to mention WHC getting all free blocks to light attacks, or Zealot getting like 8 shields on low life, which just means 16 shove attacks at super fast speed.

I love using both careers and I’ve come to kinda not enjoy BH. It’s too easy to just destroy things.

The Flail is great if you can time his Charge attack and use attack speed. The charge attack is Shield bypass as well. I’ve only tried the axe a couple times but holy moly does it do damage to specials. Just terrible at wave clear so your main job becomes specials. Have to have a team willing to clear trash so you can concentrate.


Falchion zealot sounds fun. What’s your build for that? What traits on items?

In hoards, are you just light attacking twice, then blocking to cancel, basically?

Take all middle talents for every level, get +Chaos, +Infantry on charms, with AS and crit on Falchion.

Key is playing hyper aggressively, rarely blocking but constantly whacking while dodging, so you kill as many things as fast as possible. Even in legend you take so little damage that it allows such aggressiveness. I just charge into the horde myself and don’t worry about being separated since falchion zealot can kill everything without much help. I only block cancel when there is a massive horde without any armored inside.

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