Saltzpyre's Axe and Falchion is just a better Dual Axes

Saltzpyre’s Axe and Falchion fulfills the same functions as Bardin’s Dual Axes, but better. You do lights for hordes, and heavies for elites and bosses. The prime differences are that every other hit with the Axe and Falchion deals enough damage to oneshot a clanrat with no power, it has an additional stamina shield, and it’s easier to hit headshots because Saltzpyre’s almost as tall as a Chaos Warrior. To be fair, the Falchion’s light attacks have a lower monster armor multiplier, and its push-attack is less good for single-target damage, but these are such inconsequential issues (you can use heavy attacks, and the heavy attacks aren’t lacking for DPS in any regard) I don’t see them as presenting much real trade-off value.


I don’t think they are that good, but in light of the overabundance of dual weapons, I think it may be nice to have dual haxes have back that nice push attack. Stamina is quite limited so I don’t think they’d be that much stronger.


I think it should be career limited to Zealot.
Just how dual Hammers should be.


I like this topic because you are addressing differences against the classic dual-wield weapon. Sigmar must have blessed you with greater insight.

In a lot of ways, I agree. The big one to me is that they have the additional stamina shield but are still really weighty in the damage department. Admittedly, the axes are backed by the Slayer (who’s career ability is absolutely fantastic), but pairing the Axe and Falchion with the extra-crit builds can make them pretty awesome. Huzzah for Witch Hunter Captain.

I, too, would like to see a buff to the twin-axes. It is a personal opinion, but I think that the Slayer should have no equal against Monsters.


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