Dual axes are laughable

Took a small hiatus from dual axes in favor of 2h axe and hammer combo (slayer). Just tried dual axes the other day and man, theyʻre really REALLY bad. You donʻt 1 shot slave rats on legend without 3 stacks of your passive, and this weapon doesnʻt even cleave. You wind up with what feels like kerillians dual daggers, but without the killing potential of shade or dual daggers in general. Charged attacks are slow and your only overhead consumes stamina.

There is no upside to dual axes as dual hammers and 2h hammer are better at hordes, and 2h axe is better vs armor and bosses. I canʻt even think of something that these axes are remotely good at besides having a fast overhead… that consumes stamina.

Fatshark really what are you doing with this game. Your balancing team doesnʻt seem to play this game before making changes otherwise things like slayer or zealot wouldnʻt have happened. On one end of the spectrum the game is **** easy and you can mindlessly chop and dodge through hordes, armor, and hipfire at specials. On the other end youʻre practically defenseless, need to consider dodge direction, melee swing angle, AND positioning while having no viable range weapon.



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