Victor-bot strangeness

Issue Summary: While playing yesterday, I noticed our Zealot-bot behaving strangely. When I pointed it out, the host noticed it too, so it wasn’t just client-side. While equipped with Falchion and Crossbow, wielding the Falchion, he took the Rapier ready stance, also gurgling several times momentarily like a Strangler was grabbing him. His attack and blocking animations were normal to the Falchion, though, and this didn’t seem to bother him any (no visible delay in actions, no noticeable damage taken). Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch a screenshot in the heat of combat, and the animations reset themselves when another player friendly fired the bot.

I’ve no idea about reproducing this, and it’s only happened once (at least noticeably).

This happened in Festering Ground.
console-2018-09-13-17.37.23-D00F8F80-5F6A-4A62-A76F-4AEB.log (3.0 MB)

Maybe touched briefly by nurgle.

If it happens again let us know any further details you have or observe. Doesn’t seem like something we can easily reproduce in order to solve though, at least right now. :slight_smile:

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