Strange enemy behaviour in versions 1.2, and Enemies run into your spot, let you get stuck inside them, phantom swings, enemies won't fight at all etc

It appears that version has been the best so far regarding pure fighting gameplay (not mentioning class-specific bugs here), meaning enemy engagements, player swings / hits, bot behaviour, enemy spawning.

In 1.2, and, the whole fighting behaviour is and was strange:


  • Enemies spawn directly next to or inside you and immediately hit you (happens during hordes) / constant
  • Enemies don’t stop a short distance in front of you before engaging, but run directly into you (= into the same spot you are in, thus letting you get stuck inside them) / constant
  • Enemies don’t attack in a coordinated way; sometimes they hit you without even swinging (or they spawn / swing after you have been hit already); small groups of enemies suddenly hit you all at once, while their fellows just stand around and do nothing / constant
  • Enemies randomly hit you from approximately 10-15 meters away (in game terms), whilst you should be out of melee range / unusual
  • Horde enemies won’t attack you at all if there are only ‘regular’ enemies around and no armoured / special / boss enemies, meaning you can stand inside a whole bunch of them, and they just stand there until special / armoured / boss enemies appear in the vicinity, who seem to trigger the horde’s attack behaviour again / constant


  • Phantom swings in melee attacks, where 3-4 hits just go through enemies without any effect, apparently regardless of the weapon or character class used / constant


  • Bot behaviour appears to be random / inconsistent. This is hard to actually describe in detail, but in general, either the bots excel at fighting, or they just block and don’t do anything else at times / common

As mentioned, in my experience and that of my friends with the game, version didn’t have all of these issues, but was very good in pure gameplay terms. Would appreciate that gameplay behaviour again.

DxDiag.txt (119.7 KB) (2.7 MB)


Is this still happening to you when you play the game without any mods?

Yes, all of the mentioned issues remain with or without mods. (Additionally, I only use approved mods.) Even tested it again without mods after your reply, but it’s still the same.

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