Bug Fiesta Into the Nest - Atleast 3 or more bugs in 1 log / run

So as the topic already says… i don´t know what it was this run. It was a normal legend run, i was the host and we started it for the spinemanglr-challenge. (so no QP)
Our party was a Footknight, an Ironbreaker, me as Zealot and an Unchained bot.
First of all i mentioned, that some clanrats didn´t have any move animation. They slided over the ground.

So here are 3 bugs i´ve got too:

Enemies didn´t attack and phantom swings

I fought a horde at this position with my Axe. Some of the rats attacked me, others didn´t. I tried to kill them, but i just got some phantom swings for 3 seconds. After a step back and block, it was gone.
I mentioned (atleast felt like) some more phantom swings the whole run even on Spinemanglr, but this was insane long.

Rat Ogre dissappeared

Once again like some threads of me ago, our Ogre got staggered into nightmare. Our FK used a conpot and staggered the boss into walhalla.

An Assassin reached walhalla too

So i don´t really know what happened here. I heard a gutter runner from behind (the position in the picture). So i turned and saw him falling through the grid. He jumped and just fall off. Nobody seemed to shot him, because our Flamethrower - Bardin was far away, Sienna was dead and Kruber was on the horde in front of us. There wasn´t even a “kill-picture” on the top right hand corner. So… maybe he saw my ugly saltzpyre face and suicided… i don´t know.

console-2018-10-01-19.49.54-4F914077-1EB5-49CA-BD17-EC8B.log (1.7 MB)

This is the last run on this log and it contains all of it. So i can´t give you more information about all that maybe related issues. (“broken run from begin?”)
I never had that so persistent and numerous before in 1 run…not as client, not as host… So i hope you can work with that and fix that new / old issues finally.

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