Weirdest Game Ever! [PS4]

So i just played “Into The Nest” and some of the strangest things were happening.

  1. A Warpfire Rat Ogre just instantly disintegrated from existence after just a few hits with the greatsword, no dead body, just a loot die remaining. We had a Shade, but she was no where near the thing when it seemingly disappeared from existence.

  2. Similar things were happening with the regular enemies as well, slave rats would just despawn for no apparent reason.

  3. Enemies would sometimes iceskate towards me while playing their idle animation.

  4. The dwarf would sometimes turn into sonic and just start running 5 billion km/h, seemingly teleporting around at times. His ping was only slightly higher then mine.

Before you ask, i had a ping of around 80, so none of these weird occurances can be explained by simple lag, in fact i’ve played with 300 ping before and never seen such odd things happening. Whatever you guys updated recently seems to have made the game waaay less stable and very buggy.

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