Veteran Skills that are not working Properly (50h+ playing)

Issue Description:

So, after +50h playing with a veteran as a main, here’s what I noticed, even after today’s patch (1.0.7).

Skills that are not working properly:

1-Demolishion Team: It was nerfed now to 5%, why I don’t know, since when it was 8% was not giving ANYTHING, no grenade at all. And now, in a match with more than 1k enemies killed, it returns like 5 grenades in total more or less. Also, me and some other people noticed that it doesn’t grant grenades on “Enemy Kill” but however only grants grenades on “Kills that proc Scavenger Hunt Coherency ability”. It should be reviewed. For now, its not worth it.

2-DeadShot: Now this skill it was the biggest let down for me, since I was really looking forward to it as I was leveling up. Suppose to drain 10% stamina per second in exchange for 25% crit chance, and 60% sway reduction. However it actually drains 10% stamina per second AND 10-15% stamina PER SHOT which kinda defeats the purpose for auto guns which is what I was looking forward to with this ability, specifically the “sway reduction” on the braced autogun and others. For now, this skill is ONLY “viable” with the MG XII Infantry Lasgun, and even so you can get like 7-8 shots before running out of stamina. Sure, eventually you can stack your gear with stamina, to fit a few more shots, but its no where near enough to make it worth it.

Possible Fix: Reduce the stamina drain to 5% and don’t let it drain per shoots fired. BUT If you really intend to keep it this way, then I really recommend doing something to compensate, like adding a passive that gives 10% or so stamina back for every weak spot shoot/kill that you make when aiming OR when using Volley Fire. That would actually makes it viable while maintaining a good balance.

By the way, Duck and Dive is useless here, since you can’t dodge while aiming nor should you.

3- CounterFire: Scab Shooters as Priority Targets most of the time are NOT refreshing Volley Fire on kill. Only Elites and Specials refreshes Volley Fire, decreasing greatly this passive purpose.

This is the most troubled ones that I noticed so far. Maybe I’ll give a more extensive feedback on the class later on.

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Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)