Versus Mode gimmicks

— Confirmed standalone mode.
Okay, i think it would be better on Normal mode so the playerbase is not split. But hoping you guys jackspot it then!

— Flavor and Loot rather than Competition.
Rewards could be the same as Normal mode so players have an incentive to play it in the long run.

It could even be the same for both sides of the match regardless of match result, so we could have a “play it for fun” instead of “i will tryhard and just want to make the other team lose so i can get better loot… and hey, be toxic as well”. Bragging rights and laughs should be the only thing we need in a mode like this.

— Gameplay
I don’t have a clue on how it is being balanced. But good suggestions were made in the forum. One is that while you are waiting the respawn CD on your special, you can just get instant control from basic units one after the another until it happens. 10 secs until i can play as special? No worries, i will just be this elite rat dies then this slave rat dies now a marauder CD up Cool! Assassin rat.

— Progression
Don’t make it a different progression from Normal mode, like Weaves. I don’t think anyone wants to level up again just to play Versus or having new stuff on one mode which you can’t use on another.

— Skins for Specials
Just a “how cool would it be” scenario, not a necessity since in the base game we dont have much.

–Special Request
Make your best to not let it become a failed Versus mode as Killing Floor did. And even if you don’t listen to any feedback, no worries, but please PLEASE:

Let 4 bots play the map as Heroes so i can play alone as Skaven/Chaos, because there may not be enough folks on Public Matches.

Just my 2 loot dice cents about it. Any insights are welcome.

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After release super-duper-extra “expansion” known as WoM, I don’t want even check this Versus Mode. We can already expect underdevelopment and mass of bugs. So why be upset and frustrated?


When did they confirm Standalone ? Last stream (August 16th) they said they have not decided yet if it will be standalone or not.

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Yeah, this part of the announcement is pretty confusing:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Versus is a standalone game mode. Whilst players who own Vermintide 2 might get some special unlocks in Versus , there is no deeper crossover between the two titles.

So is it a separate game mode, or a separate title?

Also, a developer stated it in here.

Not upset, just picking some brains and letting other thoughts.

Yeah but standalone does not have to mean that the versus mode is not integrated into the keep for players who own both. I think and hope that standalone means that both gamemodes (coop and versus) are sold seperatly because some people are simply only interested in one of those. But if you happen to own both gamemodes , you can access the versus mode from your regular coop keep. Would be cool in my opinion because when i play with a group of frieds we switch gamemodes frequently. Doing sone weaves , some normal adventure runs and a round of fortunes of war now and then. Logging off and back in into another client , rejoin the group to start playing again just feels off to me.

Versus mode will be failed if it isn’t put on main game.
Weave, which is main feature of WOM expansion, is already failed within 3 weeks. If they release versus as standalone, i expect less people will buy it. Don’t forget that why modded releam is dead. Don’t repeat what you did. You have better put it like twitch mode. Fatshatk, we warned you…

With peer2peer, versus will easily turn into a shitshow. Imagine a ragequit restarting a map for 7 people?

Vermintide, keeps falling down and hitting every branch on the bad idea tree.

How do you know that versus is based on p2p connections ?

Dedicated servers aren’t happening, that’s how I know.

What else is there?

Failure to meet previous promises of dedicated servers suggests that the future Versus mode will not necessarily have them, but will use solutions such as base game (p2p)

But did FS state that somewhere ? Sounds like a guess to me tbh

Yes, they made an INCREDIBLY VAGUE statement about as per norm.

They’re exploring other options, but right now you can forget about dedicated servers showing up any time soon.

“We’re still working on the dedicated server functionality and at the same time exploring other avenues which we believe now to solve the problems players experience more accurately than the dedi-server option.”

This is as close to a “dedicated servers are not happening” as you can get with fatshark. It means, they over promised when they had NO idea what it would demand of them as a developer, just throwing out promises without certainty they’d be able to uphold them, advertising their game with it even. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson on false advertisement, though I doubt it.

Time will tell i guess and im still hoping for a decent experience with versus. But i get your point and where its coming from ~ hopefully FS can suprise us all.

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But you know that time has been telling us this for over a year? Dedicated servers were announced before the game release.

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