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took a break from the game and wasnt active in the Forums for almost 1 year now. As i was taking a look at the current status of Vermintide i was wondering where Versus went ? I mean the Mode was announced 14 Months ago and i just cant find anything new since i left.

What is going on ? Does anybody know anything about it ?

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I think the official response is it’s still being worked on, it was just announced way ahead of it’s time.
Can’t really point you to a specific post at the moment because I am on mobile, so take it with a grain of salt.

Perhaps someone else can link you to something, if it exists.

We are still working on it :slight_smile: It presented a bunch of interesting challenges though, so we (as I’ve said before I’m sure) probably opened the window on the mode a bit too soon.


Vermintide Battle Royale when though? :thinking:

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This already exists. Surely you’ve seen Cata pubs when they reach the end of the bubble…


Any idea if it’s going to just be a memefest or if they’re going to do anything extra with it?

It would be pretty cool as a weekly event with health/damage modifiers.

I also find it hard to imagine the PVP being balanced at all. There’s already things the NPC Specials do that are OP, and already Careers that can delete them from the game.

They said in their Q&A the balancing of PvP mode will be done separately.

@Fatshark_Hedge What I don’t entirely understand is if it’s going to be a standalone game or a weaves-like game mode in the main game? Or is that still in discussion?

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That’s what I meant. Is it going to be just a fun mode (+weekly events) or something more?

Do correct me if I’m wrong Hedge, but if memory serves…

Aside from the post in this thread that Hedge made, Versus was also stated by the Fatshark CEO that progress was slowed down and delayed because they took manpower from Versus to work on fixing up the base game. This was something players questioned before, but was answered directly by the CEO.

Reorx is correct. Balancing for PvP and PvE will be completely separate so there is no need to worry about balance in that specific regard.

I believe (I could probably find it later) that Versus was intended to be a separate mode entirely from the base game. That way players could buy it, the base game, or both, but would not be forced to get one or the other through a sort of “complete package”. It’s likely that was done to make it so players didn’t feel forced to buy something they didn’t want as some people only want to play PvE or only play PvP.

I could find articles and stuff but I just can’t do that at this very second.


It’s in there somewhere

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