Vermintide interfering with cache, and also crashing a lot

There’s two things going wrong for me.

Opening the game seems to affect the cache in my many applications, specifically Chrome and Discord, where Chrome just renders all my tabs white screens, and Discord all images and emotes are gone.
This is what it says on Chrome after opening Vermintide: Chrome error

Secondly, I’ve been crashing a lot which may or may not be related, sometimes even have to close the game through task manager.
Started happening after 2.0.14, when I started playing once again in November. May have not been here when 2.0.13 was out, and seems to be only during weaves so far. Seemed to be okay during Weave 95-103, but Weave 104+, crashes have been happening middle to near the end of runs mostly.

I’ve updated nvidia drivers, verified integrity, reinstalled EAC, nothing is working.

Here’s one of many crashes:
console-2019-11-17-01.26.30-5ab2bb1b-2e1f-4627-b45b-0674e1a2a52a.log (512.1 KB)

This is another one:
console-2019-11-13-05.51.18-d1a93d18-a859-4a60-8b38-b434154bf1bf.log (632.4 KB)

Hi Dave,

Vermintide can’t affect behavior of any other application you are running. Issues you are experiencing with Chrome or discord have nothing to do with out game. My initial guess is it’s infamous GTX 970 3.5GB VRAM issue. Can you monitor how much free VRAM do you have before running Vermintide? And how much free VRAM you have when you are in Weave 104+?
Can you try to set your graphics settings to lowest to see if it will fix your issues?

P.S. Unfortunately one of the crash logs you provided has no crash info. Can you provide more logs or crash dumps?

Hi Dmytro,

Thank you for your help. I was hesitant to reinstall since the game is 70GB but that seemed to have fixed the crashes, however, the caching issue is still happening.

Monitoring the VRAM, it never goes above 2GB. I have also tried other modern games like Monster Hunter World, and it doesn’t cause this weird cache problem.

It appears that crash log with no crash info cut short for some reason.

This log (no crash) is the most recent game since reinstalling (with cache issues in other programs after launching Vermintide)
console-2019-11-19-04.14.31-637fdf68-c989-49a3-9924-13b2e79bad1f.log (3.9 MB)

I will let you know if there are more crashes.

Had one crash on weave 113 (crashes are rarer now). Still have cache issues.
console-2019-11-20-22.54.15-9a36e2da-9f31-41f6-9eea-b2c2707753eb.log (1.6 MB)

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