Vermintide 2 xbox trailer

xbox players can drop this kruber hat ? min 0:20 if not why is in the trailer? thanks

Yep. It is in the Game, can’t say if the Drope Rate is high enough.

Edit: Looks way better as the PC Trailer, still not so good as V1 Trailer.

i know is in the game i just want to know why they put the hat in the trailer if you can’t drop it

Never said it can’t drop, Mate. Sadly that applies to seemingly all Cosmetics.

and how you know “the drope rate is high enough” or you can’t really get the hat?

Ask the whole PC Community, i got myself 3 Hats all after the “Content Update” on the Day of the Update and nothing since, with over 400h played i can say the Drope Rate is low.

Edit: There was a thread about that Topic in which players said what they got from which Chests/Vaults

im not xbox player i have 900 h+ in V2 and i know hats are rare(i have only 4 hats) if you read my post im asking if you can get the hat in the trailer or no that’s all

yes so it can drop

are you joking? you dont know the answer… whatever if it’s in the game how you know you can drop it? you know you can put things in a game but dont be able to get it?

Dude, relax. There are a lot of cosmetics that were shown and not delivered. It’s likely in the game files, but not available as a drop. I’ve never seen it on anyone, and I have over 1k hours, plus no streamer I’ve watched with similar hours have it either. It’s probably a paid DLC(if and when it releases).


why relax? im calm but Acrony is just telling me something he dont know or answering questions i didn’t ask… again my question in the post is simple: can you get the kruber hat in the trailer? “yes” or “no” and if it’s “no” why they put the hat in the trailer?

what you mean im not a console player

@pino relax mate. What they are trying to say, is that many of the hats in the PC trailer were not released for us PC players either. There is actually a mod for the PC game that unlocks all the hats, 100+ hats. But, unfortunately, you can’t get even half of them in the current PC game. The Devs actually said that they would be released later as moar content.

I would estimate that we currently have 3 hats per class that is released and unlocked at this moment.

I actually made thread about this, due to the fact that I’m sure I unlocked all the current hats. As I’ve not yet seen any different ones in all my game time. And when you unlocked all the current ones for each class, they are supposed to unlocked for new classes.

So far, there has been no response to it.

i just asked a question, never used caps, insulted or disrespect someone, why are you telling me to relax? i know that there is a mod that unlock every hat like i said i have 900 h + in V2 and i saw every hat you can drop in random people or posts, that’s why im asking “can you drop this hat? no? why you put a hat in the trailer if you cant drop it?” this happened 4 month ago with the pc trailer, showing hats that you cant get, but whatever…

Is English not your first language? Because I’m having trouble following your train of thought…

Is this entire post meant to be a sarcastic post? Your combination of bad English and not understanding the people responding to you is what’s making this very confusing.

If I understand correctly, you’re asking if the hat a 0:20 video time is actually available to be unlocked. People have responded, that yes, it is indeed in the game, but the drop rate is really bad. From what I understand, I am one of the extremely lucky people. I have opened every single commendation chest on my elf(Kerillian) and I have only unlocked 3 hats on each of her three classes. That’s after nearly 600 hours…

why you say people have responded to my post? how they know you can drop the hat? never saw this hat in game or in a post that someone drop it. The answer is simple some hats unlocked by give all hats mod are hidden and you cant drop it right now and yes this post was a bit sarcastic…

Even your response is hard to understand. So from what other people have said, it seems it is in the game… But it’s very rare or not released. As I have said, the majority of the hats are not released. Does that answer your question?

maybe you dont understand my responses because you dont want… pls read my original post and my last response, i know this hats are hidden and you cant drop it, but my original question was why they put a hat in the trailer if you cant get the hat in the game, thats all… im tired of you telling me how bad is my english bye

Both Kuber hats in the trailer don’t drop at the moment :confused:

Because it’s awesome just like advertising dedicated servers and keep customisations :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want to take a look at all hats in the game files (skins are very underwhelming)

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i know but whatever lets move on… its just a hide hat or maybe 14 more :stuck_out_tongue:

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