Vermintide 2: Versus - Dev Blog #1

So, The Versus mode is still being done in programmer’s free time off the Fat Shark’s clock, something like a hobby, correct?

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This isn’t correct. The developers working on Versus are paid to do so and only work on Versus (well, 80% of the time). I guess you’re referring to us commenting that V2 development won’t be stymied by Versus development?


Yes. But, no matter how you put it I will see it like this: certain members of the team are being paid to do something else than new maps, new heroes, cosmetics. I know, I know, you as a company are not under the obligation to blindly follow the requests of a large base of players. But it still hurts to see that you are spending time and money on something that hasn’t been asked from that same base of players.
But of course you have all the right to spend those resources on your passion projects. It’s just that I can’t understand why something like that hasn’t been postponed for later when you finish a lot of other stuff. I mean, if you have resources to spend on Versus, you could’ve used those resources for something else. And even if you already have majority of the team working on that other stuff, wouldn’t it be faster and more practical to use as much resources as possible for those primary goals? You know, all hands on deck and that sort of stuff.

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Fatshark has what? 100+ staff now after they bought that other company last year? I think they can split staff to work on certain projects and not be understaffed. Also, have you ever worked on a group project? Extra hands on decks is not always a good thing and can actually slow down the project. There’s gotta be a balance of people working on different things.

But yea, I think a lot of us were bummed about no new characters. But at least we’re getting some new classes.


Let’s face it: they won’t add characters because of That Kruber’s Voiceline. :crazy_face:


Which voice line? I don’t mind sacrificing Krubs to Geneviève Dieudonné chaos

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Woah! Not cool, dude. Not cool. :broken_heart:


“We’re the Ubersreik Five!.. or Four!.. or Six! - It doesn’t matter!”

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What I find interesting about this is that maybe we’ll get to climb small ledges as the U5 in the future.
Like scaling a small cliff while the rest of our party snipe those annoying pactsworn waiting for us on top.

But a new character wouldn’t be a part of the U5 anyway. They weren’t around for Ubersriek… so I guess it would be, “We’re the Helmgart Six… or four… doesn’t matter”


Could we get another update on this, its been almost a year since Versus was teased and only 1 dev blog, wtf is up with that