Vermintide 2: Versus - Dev Blog #1

Vermintide 2 - Versus is a new player vs. player game mode for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It will be 4 vs. 4 gameplay, and you will be able to play as characters from both the Skaven and Chaos, as well as the Heroes of Ubersreik. Take turns playing on the Hero or the Pactsworn side.

In this Developer Blog, we will get a closer look at one of the new features coming in Versus together with Game Designer Markus.


The main question here is how will the game handle a rage quitting host?


Very interesting.

So, will the pact sworn players be able to take climbing routes to back track through the map to attack the heros from behind? Currently, in most maps, when you jump down a ledge as the heros, that’s it. You can no longer go back. Will pactsworn be able to take jump locations like on Screaming Bell to drop back behind the heros and wait for a horde or a single hero to wander off and get them before they drop to the rest of the team?

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We’ll have news on that as we move towards beta I’m sure.

Yep :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope that through this additional game mode (which will probably share the fate of others - that is, it will be almost dead after two weeks), basic (adventure)will not be marginalized.
And yeah, @Palesz has legitimate concerns. Without dedicated servers you just expose yourself to ridicule. (not for the first time with the rest :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I heard from someone that game got whole bunch of dedicated server related dll’s. Hope that coming for versus at least

Thats just a rumor tho

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The problem with weaves was that they were aimed at a cooperative PvE audience, but we couldn’t have RNG in them because FS wanted them to be competitive PvE (based on the reasoning they provided).

Versus mode is aimed at a PvP audience, which is a completely different group. If FS 1. does the mode well enough (mechanics, balance, bugs etc) that people want to stay and 2. manages to market to/draw in the PvP crowd to give it a go initially, I think it could well be a great success.

I’m looking forward to versus mode, but I always have been into PvP.

I know a couple of people who are interested based on either being into competitive/PvP and/or because they wanted to be able to play as skaven.

Definitely agreed with Palesz however, if hosts can ragequit that’d kill the mode. Even if migration is possible with all progress saved, it’d get annoying quick if it happens a lot, but if the match is just straight up ended like in current-Vermintide that would be terribad.


The problem with weaves is that basically no one wanted them and now this mode is dying in pre-lethal seizures. We were ‘almost’ forced to it. I skip inefficient designing and poor implementation. When it comes to PvE content, from what you have seen many times, people want more of the same, i.e. more adventure mode.

I’m sorry, but FS proves at every turn that he can’t do anything right. In addition, there are a lot of other good PvP games so that I do not belive in success. Well, unless it will be a success in terms of what is WoM XD Besides, I can already see this imbalance, lots of bugs …Meh, I don’t even want to think about it.

Sure, why not.

I mean, I wanted weaves too until I found out it wouldn’t be RNG levels and enemies. Now I’m hoping for S2 to rectify that.

If I gave up completely on VT2 I wouldn’t be here anymore.


Sounds like they must have done something right. :slight_smile:


Well … I don’t expect much, because experience has shown that this should not be, but I will give it a chance for this ‘season 2’ (as if season 1 couldn’t be done well. There was so much feedback. Ehh … laughable) if season 2 turns out to be a nutshell, I will also give up.

Well, I guess even a blind squirrel catches a nut every now and then :slight_smile:


Not just rage quit, but backend errors, disconnects and other shenanigans.

If you pull off either host migration or dedicated servers - or basically ANYTHING like these - for versus, but not for V2, then you’ll never hear the end of it.
Having something like this on the first go in versus but not in several years in V1 & V2, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.


Oh no! another branch merge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yet another addition to the game when everything else is still a fairly broken and unbalanced mess. Could someone please just put their foot down and get the main game balanced and as a bug free as possible please without adding another thing to divide the community and the Dev team even more?

Or is this just so the PC players can bug test VS for a proper Console release.

If, as @Palesz says there is effective host migration or dedicated servers for VS that work properly then I can only hope such a thing is transferred to the base game. If not, expect Bogenhafen style backlash and the already faltering Steam review score to get review bombed into oblivion.

Oh, and I can’t wait to have some REALLY toxic PvPers joining the community, that’s EXACTLY what we need. I’m salty enough as it is.


So you guys would rather them just not add anything new to the game? I for one am looking forward to Versus, but I am curious how it will be done. I’m mostly worried about balance as it’s looking like this will not be a stand alone game. Will we have separate weapons like Weaves for VS? Or will there be premades character profiles we have to choose from? I can’t see it being very much fun to play as the pactsworn and WS is 1 shotting you all with the longbow. Or salty with an Xbow, etc.


Nice. Will there be Docker containers (or other container infrastructure) for dedicated servers as well? I.e. so its possible to host your own potentially offline servers as well?

And what about monsters?


I just want things to work. I want talents to be useful and weapons to be balanced. I want at least one launch of anything for the PC customers to not be a bug strewn crashy mess. Launching some new content properly without everything breaking or alienating vast swathes of their playerbase is too much to ask?


That’s nothing personal but yeah right, let’s leave what is in an underdeveloped condition, has a lot of bugs and let’s take for new mode, because it’s so exciting and new yeeeeeee… of course, let it still cost accordingly, because it will be an “another new and big expansion”
So that it does not turn out that this excitement will evaporate with the release of the new mode, as it was in the case of WoM :confused: With WoM there was also so much excitement on both sides and a spectacular fail came out.
I have an idea, let’s go a step further and maybe give a battle royale or MOBa or Autochess because now this is on top to the game, it will also be new. Why limit yourself?

Maybe instead of blind worship and dull excitement it’s worth a bit realistically look at the work that has been done so far in the case of “new content”?
The only thing that promises to be good is maps from Drachenfels, but is it really new content or just simple reproductive work?
FS themselves don’t know in which direction they want to develop the game so they do it in every possible way. It is a pity that it is incompetent and it is very well seen.

I’m sorry to say that, but you seem to be in the minority with your kind and curious personality. I can speak for myself that I’m readily extrapolating the answer to the “how it will be done” part from all I’ve seen so far. And it doesn’t look pretty. I think most old-timers see it that way too.
VS mode in L4D was an interstellar-sized hit, and it is being played today still, but we’ve got to face it: L4D was a much cleaner built game in that sense that there was absolutely no leveling up, grinding for XP etc. This so-called “RPG component” was the biggest gripe for me when my mates took me over to VT1. I hated it and I hate it still because I do not really understand the purpose it serves for the gameplay. It certainly complicates things in case of the Versus mode though, so great job here as well. As far as I remember, VS mode in L4D isn’t really different in terms of balance (damage, health etc) than a regular run. I don’t really see this happening in VT2 - something will need to be tweaked.
The core issues that in my opinion absolutely must be addressed before rolling out Versus are these:

  1. Balance all the new weapons, talents etc. in the base game;
  2. Find a way to safely and reliably host games;
  3. Tweak the AI director for VS mode to balance things our without interfering too much with hero loadouts and power values. I think spawn rates (both regular mobs and specials) can be an easier way out of the balance issue.


I find it very unlikely that Versus will involve the base game’s progression. The balance will be completely different for various reasons. Levels will have to be tweaked for players who lurk around in areas that are currently out of sight and out of bounds. It will all be very “separate”.
They might introduce a different mini-progression and some settings for the AI director (horde difficulty and such), but it should be a lot “leaner” than the main game.
Anything else wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

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